BY: Adam Gavriel

A few months back on the blog, we reported that the Midwestern United States seemed to be experiencing the job recession better than other parts of the country. Now however since the unemployment rate has dipped below 9% at a trend that continues to fall, other parts of the nation have caught up to their Midwestern brethren. On the other hand, some states continue to falter way above the 8.5% reported in December.

North Dakota (3.3% unemployment), Nebraska (4.1%), and South Dakota (4.2 percent) are the respective 1, 2 and 3 ranked states in the nation with the lowest unemployment rates. Though in August it was a safe bet to say that the Midwest would dominate the Nation’s top 10 in terms of lowest unemployment, a look at the month of December showed some newcomers to the standings.

Northeastern states New Hampshire and Vermont reported an identical 5.1% unemployment rate, over a full three points under the Nation’s average. With their new success, they jumped into a tie for 4th best unemployment rate. The only other non-Midwestern state in the top 10 of best unemployment rates in the nation is Utah, coming in at 9thwith 6%. Utah saw a gain of 36,000 jobs from December 2010 to December 2011.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may want to avoid a few states if you’re planning on relocating and looking for work. Nevada sits at the top of the Nation in terms of the worst unemployment rate of 12.6% 4.1 points more than the national average reported in December. From November to December 2011, Nevada lost 9600 jobs and found themselves the highest ranked state in terms of foreclosures; both of those signs to not bode well for the future of Nevada.

Following Nevada in second place (among the worst) is California. Though Hollywood may never feel the effects of a national recession, the state it’s located in certainly does. California did decrease it’s unemployment rate 0.2% from November to December but they couldn’t seem to lose anymore rounding out at 11.1% unemployment.

Wrapping up the rest of the worst in the Nation are all states located in the Eastern part of the Nation. Rhode Island’s unemployment rate decreased in December, but still topped out at 10.8% North Carolina and South Carolina were both in the top 10 reporting 9.9% and 9.5% respectively.

Though the United States is certainly on its way to decreasing the unemployment rate to where more experts would like to see it, there are still some trouble states and areas out there.

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