Where are the jobs in 2011?

By Amy Schlubach

Obviously the downfall of the economy resulted in a huge loss of jobs, but which jobs are hardly affected by the economy?

Jobs in the healthcare field are usually never affected. Doctors and nurses are always in demand, especially with the aging population. Sales representatives and teachers are usually safe as well. When a company is suffering, more sales representatives are hired to market their products. There is a high-demand for mathematics, science, and bilingual teachers.

Teachers, especially those who teach kindergarten through middle school, are needed.

So, what are the best jobs for 2011?

The fastest growing jobs are:

· Consulting

· Elderly Services

· Therapy

· EDP and Internet Hosting and Publishing

· Home Health Care

· Cable and Satellite Programming

· Computer Systems Design

· Mental Health Services (non-physician)

· General Merchandise Retail

· Outpatient Care

· Other Health Practitioners

· Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories

· Employment Firms*

· Waste Treatment

· Physician’s Offices and Administration

· Community and Personal Care Services

· Facilities Support Services

· Administrative and Information Services

· Chiropractors

· Software Publishers

· Education Support Services

· Passenger Transportation (air and surface)

· Daycare (juvenile and adult)

· Independent Writers and Artists

· Optometric and Dental Services

*When jobs are scarce, employment services like Crossroads Consulting, are informed about the best “under the radar” job openings.

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