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Recently on the blog here at Out Of Our Mind, we have posted some resume tips, cover letter tips, and interview tips. All great knowledge to have, but what happens when the traditional means of job searching just aren’t enough?

Many know the value of networking; just how important it is, but we cannot stress enough just how important networking truly is, but there are other factors and other means of obtaining a job, or an opportunity out there – you just need to get creative with it. 

Here are a few suggestions that might be a more unconventional way of getting your foot into the door – and perhaps even keeping it there.

Unconventional Networking:

Speaking from experience, I obtained my job here with Crossroads Consulting by networking with Mitch Beck via Twitter. Were we discussing the employment industry? NO. We share a mutual interest in New York Rangers hockey and over time, that opened the door to speak with him about a job.  Try opening two Twitter accounts, although this is not a necessity. You could have one account geared towards your prospective industry where you are following key leaders of businesses and attempt to interact with them via social media, while the other account would be your personal account. Even if you do not plan to have an active account on the website, open an account anyway. It is a terrific resource to get news related to your personal interests quickly and efficiently. (And don’t forget to follow Crossroads Consulting @EmploymentDepot or Mitch beck @MitchellRBeck

Start a blog:

You could really challenge yourself with this one. The Internet has a wide-range of services that will build you a blog many free like WordPress.  You might even consider going out and trying to build a site yourself.  Adding that skill to your resume certainly won’t hurt you and will truly set you apart from the rest of the field as the focus on digital and technological skills advances in the workplace. This blog could be focused on anything. It could be a personal blog; it could be a blog where you discuss current trends in your industry, or a blog to run so you can gain real-world experience in managing a business entity. Though it’s not on the level of an actual business, it’s a resume builder, and who knows who might end up one day wanting to write a guest-piece on YOUR website… Something YOU created.


Fiction or non-fiction; it doesn’t really matter, although personally, I would focus on non-fiction slightly more. You’d be surprised just how many books the experts in your field have written. A quick Google search for something like, “Top books for (insert your profession here)” will yield results that could fill your time for years to come. Not to mention it’s a subtle way to see whom people in your industry are reading. Although putting books you’re reading, or have read, on your resume is NOT a good idea; increasing your knowledge in your industry will always help you when it comes to the interview itself. Don’t just limit your intellectual curiosity to just books. Keep current on the industry news as best as you can. This goes hand-in-hand with our Twitter recommendation. It’s an excellent way to quickly get news from a variety of sources.

Remember that the job search is a lot more than just finding a website; entering your contact information; attaching a resume and hitting apply. The job search process is in itself a job; and one that should take up a large part of your day.

If you’re looking for more job searching tips, please do not hesitate to reach out to use here at Crossroads Consulting. If you feel that you’re ready to take the leap and apply for a career, head on over to our website to check our current openings which we are looking to fill TODAY.

Remember, we’re here at Crossroads Consulting to put the ‘Human’ back into ‘Human Resources…’



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