BY: Adam Gavriel

With the August unemployment rate sitting at 9.1% and stagnating there with no end in sight to the recession that has conquered the US many American’s find themselves out of the workforce; or know someone who is looking for work.

These tables posted a week ago at seekingalpha.comshow why this recession may be here to stay and just how sharply America’s job market is trending downward.

Employment Changes (in thousands)

Showing what most of us already knew, that August was one of the worst months for job growth since September 2010.

Private Sector Changes (in thousands)

This table shows growth in all private sectors but the financial sector in 2011 and a supreme increase in the Construction sector from just last year. However the negative trend in Education from 2010 to 2011 has to be a concern.

Government Employee Changes (in thousands)

Another table highlighting the severe downfall in education, while also highlighting the overall downward trend that government employees have been experiencing all year.

Overall these tables show just how hard of a year 2011 has been on the American economy.

The jobs however are still out there. Searching for jobs you just have to be prepared. Research the field of work you’re looking into. Let a professional look at your resume. And no matter what, never stop looking for those open job opportunities around the country

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