BY: Adam Gavriel

While managing the Crossroads Consulting twitter @EmploymentDepotI came across a tweet that really engaged my interest as it read along the lines of: “Use your time unemployed to better yourself and discover new interests. Knowledge is power” forgive me as I seem to have trouble finding it now and don’t remember it word for word.

It got me thinking. Knowing now that roughly 70% of Americans know someone who is currently out of work and looking for it, while many of that same 70% know someone who has given up on the hopes of finding a new job. This is the kind of tweet that should reach millions and hopefully change the perspective they may have on their current life predicament.

Unfortunately (for the sake of this blog) I cannot relate to the many Americans out there today out of work, at the young age of 21 I’ve been lucky enough to come across steady part-time jobs as I need them while never having the burden of looking for full time work. I can however understand that time unemployed can be a very frustrating time. Bills piling up with no income to pay them off with, feeling like there is no end in sight. Feeling stuck in employment purgatory as a cartoon I saw today explains…


As part of putting the “human” back in human resources as our mission, Crossroads Consulting has tweeted and blogged many things to help you get out of the rut you may find yourself in.

Blogs on resume, cover letter, and interview tips are out there everywhere (including here on out of our mind) to help set you aside from the competition. If it helps your field, maybe try learning a new skill to put on your resume. Work with computers? Try learning Flash, HTML, C++ or other types of programming tools that you can put on a resume in a field highlighted with the title “Computer Skills” to gain an employer’s attention.

It may not be the free time you WANT but it’s the free time you HAVE to do what YOU want to do with it. Why not spend it making yourself appear better? Crossroads Consulting can help you on this path. With upwards of 50 job openings on the website, resume optimization services and interview preparation Crossroads Consulting is here to get you back into that 9-5 grind you hate while you’re in but crave when it’s gone.

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