By: Adam Gavriel

According to graphs on the Connecticut Labor Market Information website the state of CT has now gone back to back months in which its unemployment rate is higher than that of the US average. Although at some of its highest levels since 1981, the unemployment rate in CT has fluctuated from 8.9-9.2 since December 2009.

The last time Connecticut went back to back months having an unemployment rate higher than that of the US average was in October and November of 2007. Before that, it went nearly a year at a higher rate from August 1996 to May 1997 at constant levels above the US average.

From January 1982 through March 2011 Connecticut has often stayed below the average value of American unemployment seeing only 17 months at a higher rate. Connecticut has also stayed on par with the US average, equaling the unemployment rate 12 months since 1982.

The 2008 economic recession hit CT as hard as it hit the general US as unemployment rates skyrocketed to levels only previously seen during the early 1980s recession. However, even during those terrible times for the US, CT wasn’t hit nearly as hard as it is being hit today.

Now today, while the average US unemployment rate begins to fall, falling from 9.8 in November 2010 to 8.8 in March 201, the CT rate has stayed at a stagnant 9-9.1.


Green = US unemployment / Red = CT unemployment

As of March 2011, Connecticut sits at 30th (1stbeing the lowest, ND’s 3.6) among the 50 US states and District of Colombia in unemployment rates. However the CT rate of 9.1 is not nearly as troubling as Nevada’s 13.2, but also not as beautiful as North Dakota’s 3.6.

Crossroads Consulting will not stand for this. As a Connecticut based employment agency with roots deep into Connecticut soil we are here to help. Of the 57 current job openingslisted on the Crossroads Consulting website, 35 of them have ties to CT.

It’s going to take a full effort from all parties involved to lower this unemployment rate in CT. Connecticut universities could open up programs for potential recruiters to come in and offer jobs in the area to keep the students in CT. HR reps can look in their own neighborhood and find someone looking for a job and help fill the vacancy. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people know someone who at least 1 person who is looking for work. If 80% of the roughly 3.5 million people in Connecticut know someone who is unemployed, it’s time to reach out a helping hand.

As a full scale employment agency, ready to help anyone looking for work from the beginning of the process through to their hiring date, Crossroads Consulting can help in the efforts to decrease this number. Whether you’re unemployed or just looking for that new opportunity with resume optimization, interview preparation, and the 57 current openings we have listed today we’re ready to get you on the path to that new job.

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