BY: Adam Gavriel

According to an article on CBSnews.com written by Amy Levin-Epstein, 30 percent of the 14 million people who are benefiting off of unemployment have been receiving these benefits for over a year.

If you go on over to CBSnews.com and take a look at the article, you may be able to tell that Amy could be an avid reader of ours here at OutOfOurMind. Levin-Epstein touches on a few points in her article that we have made here. It’s never a bad thing to be reminded though, so we’ll give a brief overview on what Amy talks about, and our own thoughts on the subject.

On the topic of competition, it’s only natural that the higher the unemployment rate the more stiff the competition will be for finding a job. Fact is, the higher the unemployment is the more people that will be unemployed in this market that would normally be a catch for any company. If you’re one of the unemployed, you’re now competing with those “all-star” candidates who hit the job market with the faltering economy, especially in those states with unemployment over the national average.

On the topic of what to do while you’re unemployed, Levin-Epstein agrees that time unemployed is not vacation time. In a blog back on June 8th (linked in the previous sentence) we recommended staying up-to-date on the things in your industry, or even trying to better yourself and beefing up your resume by learning a new computer skill to add to a resume. Your time unemployed is going to be a very stressful period, that’s just the nature of the beast, but it is up to you to make sure your resume is top notch and you can go into an interview with full confidence that you know the industry.

Continuing on this topic, don’t look at your unemployment as a “paid vacation” of sorts. Yes you’ll be receiving government benefits if you qualify, and according to the statistic many people are doing this. The key is to start looking for work immediately. If you’re a person who refuses to settle for something below your standards, you may be in for a hard surprise. And if you are one of those people, you need to get on the hunt as soon as you can.

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Our goal is to put the “human” back into “human resources.” Our job is to help you get back off the unemployment benefits and to the salary that you’ve dreamed of since entering the oblivion that is unemployment.

I’m having a very difficult time not quoting Jerry Maguire right now, but “help me, help you.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist

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