Twitter – Where Is the Intimacy?

By: Adam Gavriel

Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) is currently the most followed account holder on the micro-blogging website Her followers, numbering 10,121,059 at the time this blog is being written, could mount a huge offensive against a number of countries if organized the correct way. About 15 times the population of North Dakota, you can say Lady Gaga has affected many people in her 38 months on twitter. Or has she?

Further research discovers that at 9:26pm on 5/17/11 @LadyGaga received upwards of 100 mentions. In her 38 months on twitter, Lady Gaga has tweeted just 755 times. If she’s receiving more than 100 tweets a minute, and only tweeting approximately 20 times a month, it’s safe to say that this is a one way street. Now obviously the more followers you can gain on your twitter account the better off you are in terms of how many potential clicks you can manage to direct. However what you’re losing with this is the ability to connect.

As a research method I sent out a tweet from the official Crossroads Consulting twitter account @employmentdepottelling our 690 followers (pales in comparison to 10,121,059) that we are looking for new and interesting accounts to follow. In the 26 minutes following that tweet, @employmentdepot has received 0 mentions from its 690 followers, and 36 new tweets from the 99 accounts we ARE following. Even when a tweet is sent out to put out a white flag, and say we’re ready to follow you gets lost in the mess that is twitter.

On any given moment, twitter is receiving ~3000 tweets per second. Here’s a graph of Sunday 5/1/2011 during the night where the news was all over Osama Bin Laden’s death and the twitter explosion that followed:


Twitter does offer options to keep things organized and make sure you manage the intimate connections you want to keep. Features like lists come in handy when you want to separate certain categories of twitter users that you’re following. What’s also useful with lists is you can find out how your followers perceive your tweets. For example, @employmentdepot is listed via 29 twitter users ranging from “jobboard” , “NJ-CT” , and “recruiters.” With these lists we can find out what certain followers are interested in. A tweet specific to one of these topics may be better served including a mention to that follower to make sure it breaks through the clutter and reaches the target.

What seems to occur with twitter overload is that good stories may be lost. Learning from an important account you follow can be hard to isolate in the clutter.

Lady Gaga’s now 10,122,111 followers are part of quite a clique, but how great of an experience are they receiving because of it?

Conversation is what we at @employmentdepot are trying to build. Take a look at the twitter page and shoot us a mention, we’ll be happy to respond.

Our goal is to put the “human” back in human resources, and we mean that on every level.

Also remember to keep looking out for the job you’re waiting for on the Crossroads Consulting current openings page.

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