By: Amy Schlubach

Basic Ways to Prepare for your Interview

One of our jobs at Crossroads Consulting is to help land you an interview at your desired workplace.  The interview could be the pathway to the job, so don’t blow it by not being prepared!  Preparation could be the key difference between getting the job or not.

If you really care about getting the job, then it is important to show you care.  Employers expect you to know some background information about the company, so don’t forget to do some research prior.  Books, internet, magazines, and journals are great for company research.  If the company is very well-known, more research will be required.  If you are clueless about the organization you applied to work for, the employer will not be interested.  They want you to want to work there.

Another way to prepare is to prepare your clothes.  Make sure you wear something business professional.  This can be a matching suit in navy, black, or grey, or some other type of well-fitted appropriate attire.  You should look clean, well-trimmed, and conservative.  Every company has a different culture, meaning the dress will be different from place to place, so be aware of how the employees dress before the interview.  I’ve always heard to dress “one notch above” the regular dress attire the day of the interview.

Come to the interview with extra print-outs of your résumé in a folder or portfolio.  Depending on the job, come with reference letters and lists, and possibly a notebook for taking some important notes, but take only few notes.

Good Luck!

If you are out of work, or ready to start a new job, Crossroads Consulting can help you find a job just right for you.

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