BY: Adam Gavriel

The world that we live in is ever changing, and change sparks change everywhere.

Today’s job search is not like the job search of yesteryear, and this can be a very difficult change for workers who find themselves on the job market, a place they may not have been for twenty years. With all change, there is always an opportunity to take advantage and those who can find those opportunities first are destined to succeed.

Take Blockbuster for example. Had Blockbuster embraced the emergence of the Internet and video streaming, they would still be a leader in the media industry. Unfortunately for Blockbuster, they weren’t first to the finish line and Netflix came in and revolutionized the way viewers get their media. A report in June shows that Netflix has 89% of the current market share of television show streaming services.

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and your job search is no different. No longer are newspaper classifieds where to look. Nearly every part of the job search for every company is done online. There are ways to manipulate the system to take initiative and make sure you’re getting out there as best you can. Here are a few tips…

  1. Do whatever you can to make it personal. Sending a cover letter? Personalize it. Try your hardest to find the name of the hiring manager that you are sending your information to and personalize everything. It’s also not very hard to find the e-mails of people within the company. Generally it is one of three choices. (firstname)@company.com. (First name initial followed by last name)@company.com. and (firstname.lastname@company.com). If your guess is wrong, your e-mail client will deliver a failed attempt to you instantly. Try again. This all of course assuming that the employees e-mail isn’t directly listed on their website!
  2. Use as many sources as you can. The obvious choice in this matter is of course LinkedIn, but that’s not your only opportunity. Twitter is also a great avenue to connect with other professionals in your field. Follow your colleagues and begin a conversation. With LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to send a connection request, ask for an introduction from a mutual connection, or send an inmail. You’ll find many professionals are eager to help.
  3. Start a blog. No, seriously, start a blog. If you’re unemployed, start a blog focused on your industry. Find an article posted by a colleague and respond or expand to it, mention them on Twitter to take a look at your blog. Get your ideas and expertise out there in original ways. Stand out from the crowd. 

These three quick tips are a great start to get you on your way to manipulating the system to work in your favor. Of course, if you’re still having difficulty breaking in and getting the motions started, contact us here at Crossroads Consulting. As an employment agency, our job is to get you working again. With job openings that we are looking to fill TODAY across the nation, we are eager to hear from you. We don’t only want you resume; we want to really hear you. Your stories, your past, how is your job search going? Our mission as a professional search firm is to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’ And that mission can only start when you pick up the phone, or hit ‘compose’ on your e-mail software.

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