BY: Adam Gavriel

In the 1993 sports movie classic Rookie of the Year, pitching coach Phil Brickma decided to unleash his knowledge on rookie middle-school aged relief pitcher Henry Rowengartner. Brickma’s advice consists of the three R’s of pitching: Readiness, recuperation, and conditioning. The viewer learns quickly into the movie that Brickma isn’t the smartest guy on this fictional Chicago Cubs team as he later goes on to tell Henry that the secret to a post-game ritual for pitchers is “hot ice.”

Unfortunately I’m going to have to put a damper on Brickma’s legacy, by actually offering the three R’s of resume writing to you here today. Here’s a free preview of what Crossroads Consulting can do for your resume through their resume optimization service.


Employers don’t want to flip to your resume and see an 8 page autobiography with different colors and fonts everywhere. When in doubt, have a uniform process which you use to write your resume. They may spend no more than 30 seconds on your resume, you want them to be able to find the most important information and fast. Have your experience most related to the job you’re applying for listed first. Bold face words like Work Experience or your Objective in order to catch the employers attention.


Employers want to believe that you are a reliable candidate. Employers don’t want to take a peek at your resume and see that you’ve worked 4 jobs in the past 6 years. Lowering turnover rate is the goal of many HR representatives at firms and hiring a job hopper isn’t what they’re looking for. Loyalty folks, sometimes it’s all that can set you apart from the competition.


It’s monumental to make sure that everything on your resume HELPS YOU get the job. When you put something on a resume that may only hurt you, like your political beliefs, it can deter head hunters from hiring you for their vacant position. A tip I’ll give to you dear reader is to carefully read the job description. If in the description it says “We’re looking for someone who can work well in a team environment and isn’t afraid of accepting a leadership role” you’re going to want to show everywhere you can on your resume that you have no problems working with others as a bare minimum. In fact, if you could use a real-life example of a time you worked with a team to increase workplace efficiency you get that on the resume as fast as you can!

Hopefully this quick preview will help boost your resume to catch the eye of an employer. If you can catch their eye and make them keep reading that alone will set you aside from the rest of the giant pile of resumes they have and possibly get you that interview.

If you have any questions about your resume feel free to bring it to Crossroads Consulting. Or if you feel your resume is as good as it’s going to get, start browsing some of our job openings.


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