By: Adam Gavriel

While sitting at Gate 8 of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport waiting for my flight from BUF to JFK to board I was overwhelmed to see so many of my co-flyers with their faces dug deep into their phones. Any of these people, from what I could only guess were ages 10-60 could have been doing anything. With all the apps out there for Blackberries and iPhones as well as other powerful mobile devices these fliers were dedicated to whatever they were doing. Two adult co-workers who sat across from me were involved in what seemed to be an enthusiastic conversation they were having while walking to their seats. The minute these two sat down was the minute the Blackberries came out of the pockets and into their hands.

With the growing technologies in the mobile field, from 3G to 4G and iPhone to Blackberry to Droid the mobile world is changing. Now throw in the handheld tablets like the iPad, the Motorola Xoom and now the new Blackberry Playbook and we’ve got another device to separate ourselves from the real world. Or better yet, connect ourselves in such an efficient manner.

Social Medias such as Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as micro-blogging tool Twitter have all developed their own mobile applications that are user friendly and very easy to use. A quick launch of Blackberry App World and search for top25 free apps shows Facebook at #3 and Twitter at #5. Not to mention all of these websites have mobile platforms to access from your phone without an app. With mobile technology growing and evolving every day it’s very easy to get, and more importantly, stay connected on the go.

Managing conversations you’re having on Twitter and connections you’ve made on Facebook and LinkedIn all become so simple to do from your 4” X 2” mobile device. All coming back to the point that making connectionsis the name of the game in the process of finding a job. With so many opportunities to stay connected to friends, job connections, and prospective employers it’s almost impossible to avoid these areas. The movement from 3G to 4G will have us all operating at speeds we couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago from a mobile device.

No longer do you have to meet a potential employer in person to hand in that resume Crossroads Consultinghas perfected for you. With a mobile phone and all these apps it’s easy to sit down, select a document and have it emailed away without having to get up off of your chair. It’s simple to make a new connection when you can click a button from your phone and send a tweet or follow someone new. When you can simply click “add as friend” or “like” a page on Facebook from your phone. When you can add connections and manage these professional contacts on LinkedIn. All of this from the comfort of your seat at Gate 8 in the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Starting is easy. Get connected, Join the Conversation, and Connect and Share with the People in your Life.

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