The Importance of a Good Résumé

By: Amy Schlubach

What Your Résumé Says About You

At Crossroads Consulting, we read resumes all the time some are terrific and others…well let’s just say they’re not too terrific.

Remember this…a résumé is an advertising piece designed for you to market yourself! Your résumé is your sales brochure. It tells a potential employer what you have to offer and can bring to their company. Conversely, a poorly written résumé can send signals that you are, or could possibly be the Ford Pinto of employees. In other words, at the slightest touch you could blow up in their faces; certainly not the signal you want to send…especially at a time when finding a job is so incredibly difficult.

Potential employers can also get a feel for your personality just by the way you’ve organized your résumé. What do you think a résumé with spelling or grammatical errors says about you as a person when everyone has a word processing program with spell check in it? You’re telling a potential employer that you’re careless and pay no attention to detail.

Most employers, and Crossroads Consulting is one of them, may not even read past the first few lines if your résumé is poorly formatted and filled with mistakes.

If you bore the person reading the resume to death, potential employers will get the vibe that you can’t be concise, that you just can’t get to the point and that you drone on and on and on with no apparent end in sight. We’ve received resumes that the experience of reading them feels like you’re having the plot summary at the opening of all the “Star Wars” movies read to you by a drunken “Stuttering” John. Sound like fun to you? Trust me, it’s not…

Don’t lie on your resume. These days with all that you can find out on the internet you’ll get caught. Lies in résumés like manipulating the dates, stretching numbers, or claiming to have a degree that you don’t have is just a REAL bad idea!

According to, 57% of hiring managers say they have caught a lie on a candidate’s application. 93% who have spotted the lie do not hire the applicant. Here at Crossroads Consulting, we catch someone lying on their resume at least 2 or 3 times a day. You know where those resumes wind up? Certainly not on the desk of a potential employer that’s for sure.

There is a solution to this if you really aren’t good at it. Crossroads Consulting offers a resume writing service that is not only one of the best that there is, but it’s FAR cheaper than what other companies offer. We do a complete resume review and editing for just $100…and you’ll usually get it back the same day.

Résumé Tip:

Future employers love “tangible” accomplishments. “Increased sales by 15% in two months,” sounds better than “increased sales.”

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  1. Great Article! I too am in the world of professional language solutions. A resume is your first and most often your last impression if written poorly. People need to realize that now the job market is finally on the rise again that a resume is either your golden ticket or your ejection button from the interviewing chair.