By: Adam Gavriel

I know we all believe that the hiring process starts and ends with the interview, but the harsh reality becomes that that’s actually much closer to the end of the hiring process than the beginning. Many times it comes down to how you can present yourself before an interview to ensure that you get a shot at the job you’re dying to have. But the fact of the matter is that it all begins with your resume.

A quick Google search of the word “resume” brings up a definition along the lines of, a document to present a person’s skill sets and background to potential employers. A resume, however, is so much more than that. It’s a gateway to who you are for employers before they meet you, and maybe even your only shot at getting into that interview with the firm of your dreams.

Employers use the resume’s they have on file in order to best determine which employee will be the right fit for their firm. Bottom line: If your resume doesn’t impress then it’s going to be hard to get yourself into that interview room to allow yourself a shot at presenting how personable you may be.

So where are you in your job hunt? Still looking for the one job that blows you away, that you just know is the right fit for you? If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to take the time to look over your resume, maybe even send it to a friend for an outside opinion. Or, you could take the safe route and send it to the professionals at Crossroads Consultingwhere they will be happy to optimize your resume for you making it the best it can be. With a good resume comes the confidence to get you into the interview room and win over potential future employers. Having the perfect resume is like finding that suit that you know fits you better than any other suit. You can do any job in that suit. Confidence is the name of the game and it all fits in with a neat and professional resume.

It’s important not to sell yourself short, or to reach as high as you can too however. You have to find the right job that fits you for who you are and what you’re trying to be. Networking through social media like twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all essential in making the connections in finding these job openings, meeting new people with new opportunities for you.

Crossroads Consulting is here to help.

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