At we care about people. I’d say we “Feel your pain,” but we’re not looking to sound like Bill Clinton, but it’s an accurate phrase.

If you don’t think this economy hasn’t hurt us too you’re entirely wrong. The last 18 months have whacked us like we were “Sport” Higgins and the economy was Travis Bickle.  Try making a living in the employment industry at a time when companies aren’t hiring. My checkbook looks like Joan Rivers without any makeup…it’s not a pretty sight.

But with all of that I still have much to give thanks for this “Thanksgiving.” For one reason, you’re reading these wacky words that I’m floating through this, “Series of tubes,” as United States Senator Ted Stevens called them. I’m also thankful that in spite of all my personal dilemmas, my kids are still happy and healthy. My wife…well that’s another story.

What you need to do for yourself now is give yourself a pat-on-the-back and start giving yourself credit for the things that you do have. Someone once told me that when you go to bed, give yourself a checklist.

Did you eat today?

Are you still breathing?

Do you still have a roof over your head?

If you can answer, “Yes” to all three then guess what? You won.

Nobody has a guarantee about tomorrow but it can still happen for you. What you need to do is give yourself the ability to win. can help. Not only do we have jobs open that we are trying to fill, but we also offer for a VERY nominal charge, Interview Preparation for that big upcoming job opportunity. We also offer a very inexpensive resume service that can get your CV right and ready to get you in the door in the first place.

So as you approach Thanksgiving, and are fighting to make your life what you want it to be, instead of hitting the road and battling the world for presents in shopping hell, give yourself or someone you love something that will have more meaning…Help them get a good job with either our interview or our resume services.

Most of all, give yourself a break and let’s attack this problem together. We can possibly help both of us and then we’ll both truly have some Thanks-Giving that we both can be happy about.

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