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BY: Adam Gavriel

The struggles of today’s American economy are not just presenting themselves to the small-town America economy; No. The country’s biggest cities are also among those being affected.

At Chicagobusiness.com released an article showing the percentage gains and losses in the cities biggest sectors. As with most areas in the country, they have experienced gains in some categories with major losses coming elsewhere.

Chicago’s biggest growths occurred in the Mining and Logging sector, as well as the professional and business services. These are good sectors to grow in being mining and logging involving mass quantities of laborers, while professional and business services includes small-businesses (which we all know is the engine that drives the US economy).

Unfortunately, Chicago received nearly no growth in the education and health services (0.1% growth) as well as a huge loss in retail trade (-4.3%). The loss in retail trade is even more discouraging figuring in holiday hiring in the retail markets.

Here is the full chart of losses and gains in Chicago.


While the countries unemployment rate continues to remain steadily less than 8% Illinois has fallen on harder times than the rest of the nation experiencing an unemployment rate of 8.8%

The country will need it’s major cities, like Chicago, to begin to experience growth in order to change the fate of the rest of the country. We need everyone working together in order to make this recession disappear once and for all.

At Crossroads Consulting, LLC. we are trying to do our part. With job openings across the nation being updated on a daily basis, and a resume service to make sure you’re in the best position with potential employers, it is OUR mission to help get the Unemployment rate to a more respectable figure; and get Americans working AGAIN.

Please don’t give up on your search, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your search for a career run a little more smoothly. Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’


BY: Adam Gavriel

Despite what the results from the 2012 United States Presidential Election might tell you, with Americans re-electing Barack Obama, the US economy is a LONG way from improving.

According to a report at Bloomberg.com, for the first time in four months, U.S. retail sales fell in October.

It’s reasonable to attribute a small part of that drop to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to the Northeastern United States, and the country’s biggest hub in New York City, but that certainly wasn’t enough to account for it all.

“There’s probably some hurricane impact,” Neil Dutta, head of U.S. economics at Renaissance Macro Research LLC in New York said. “But when consumers are cautious they tend to spend more on staples than discretionary items, and that’s exactly what happened this month.” It was Dutta, who correctly forecasted the October decline in sales. “The broad story is that consumers remain cautious.”

While the 0.3% drop seems on the surface to be a small number, it continues to show that consumer confidence is falling, and by extension that’s less money is being pumped into the economy. The bad economy might also explain the drop in the auto-industry, an Obama favorite talking point during the 2012 election cycle. The auto industry saw its sales decrease in October by 1.5%.

The report of the drop in retail sales comes on the heels of the reported 7.9% unemployment rate in October, the second month in a row the US average has remained below 8% and still higher when the POTUS took office four years ago.

Some believe this drop will be an aberration with the prime shopping holiday-season rapidly approaching.

“As the holiday shopping seasons begins, Hasbro Inc. (HAS)’s retail customers are ‘looking forward to a good year,’ said David Hargreaves, Chief Operating Officer of the Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based toymaker, during a conference call with analysts on Oct. 22. ‘Certainly consumer demand has held up pretty well. I think they’re sort of cautiously optimistic.’”

While the economy continues to languish somewhere between just being a soft economy and flat out recession, millions of Americans are still finding themselves out of work with no end in sight. In fact so many are depressed in their inability to find work; they have given up searching for it altogether. That’s why Crossroads Consulting can be so helpful in these extremely difficult times. We’re ardent optimists and we believe in the strength of America. We have not given up hope and believe that our best days still lie ahead. There needs to be cooperation in Washington among both Conservatives and Liberals to work together to resolve what issues we’re facing.

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