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BY: Steven Murray, Special to Out of Our Mind

Simple ways to avoid common resume errors

For job seekers, a good resume is their best bet for getting an interview call. However, many applicants may find preparing a resume a challenging task. It is, in fact, quite easy to unknowingly make mistakes such as typing errors in your resume. Errors in a resume can cost you dearly and, so, it is necessary that you pay attention to all small details and ensure that your resume is error-free and well crafted.

To help you prepare an impeccable resume, we present some common resume blunders and also show how you can avoid them-

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BY: Adam Gavriel

When it’s March 21stin Buffalo and outside there are people tanning, in shorts or t-shirts, throwing a football around, you know something has to be wrong. That’s one of the signs of Armageddon in Revelations isn’t it?

One of the warmest winters in recent history has come to a close and the start of spring is just around the corner. Finally, here at the University at Buffalo it looks like a college with people outside congregating and doing the things you see on every college flyer, handbook and website instead of avoiding snow covered roads and running for cover in the comfort of nearby buildings.

What usually happens though at this time of year is that many American’s will engage in the yearly tradition of spring cleaning when early April rolls around. Like a New Year’s Resolution, spring cleaning can come in many different forms. Of course there’s the obvious straightening up your home, changing the air fresheners to that sort of resemblance of the smell of flowers or as in-between-the-lines as it gets of cleaning up everything.

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If you’re using your resume to get you a job, here’s a piece of advice – STOP!

The resume’s sole purpose in the job hunt is to allow you to be introduced to the employer and hope that one sheet of paper impresses that person enough to get you in the door for an interview.

Last week in class, my MGO 403 (Strategic Management) instructor informed the class that most HR professionals or head hunters spend on average six to eight seconds looking at a resume. If that is in fact the case, those six to eight seconds is the amount of time that you’ll have to impress the person looking at your resume. Although when I get a resume sent to my email, I like to spend more than seven seconds looking at it there a few things I’m looking for right away.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

In the 1993 sports movie classic Rookie of the Year, pitching coach Phil Brickma decided to unleash his knowledge on rookie middle-school aged relief pitcher Henry Rowengartner. Brickma’s advice consists of the three R’s of pitching: Readiness, recuperation, and conditioning. The viewer learns quickly into the movie that Brickma isn’t the smartest guy on this fictional Chicago Cubs team as he later goes on to tell Henry that the secret to a post-game ritual for pitchers is “hot ice.”

Unfortunately I’m going to have to put a damper on Brickma’s legacy, by actually offering the three R’s of resume writing to you here today. Here’s a free preview of what Crossroads Consulting can do for your resume through their resume optimization service.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

College Graduates Seeing Lower Salaries

If this economic recession and sky-rocketing unemployment rates is affecting one demographic harder than others, its recent college graduates. The stresses placed on current college students (like myself) to find that perfect internship in order to best set ourselves up for that perfect job in the future is very high. From professors to parents they all think they know. Fact of the matter is it’s not that easy. With the inability to get the right experience we need, college students are hurt most when they finally get that job they’re eyeing.

College graduates from the 2009 and 2010 classes currently earn a median salary of $27,000 versus their counterparts from before the recession who earned $30,000 a year (according to a study at Rutgers University). That dip of $3,000 may not seem like much, but it’s a 10% decrease from its previous number.

Although the economic recession and unemployment rates definitely have a part in these decreasing numbers, the best way to change these statistics is to better ourselves. Although as a college student you may not have had the time to lock down three internships like your 4.0 GPA classmate whose graduating as the class valedictorian, there is still something you can do to set yourself apart from the field…

Perfect your resume.

The resume has been stressed almost in every blog here on out of our mind but that’s because of how important it is. Now, just over 2 weeks into my internship with Crossroads Consulting, LLCit has become very aware to me just how important a resume can be. Seeing upwards of 20 resumes a day that I receive via email, some of them I have a hard time forcing myself to hit the forward button through to Mitch Beck at Crossroads Consulting. The resumes that are five or more pages long dating back your work experience all the way to the 70’s are not what employers want to see. While having that experience is there, choosing how to be concise and economical with two pages is important.

Recent college graduates may have never gotten the training they need in optimizing their resume in order to best present themselves to potential employers. This is where Crossroads Consulting can come in handy for college students.

Crossroads Consulting, LLC is an executive search firm, recruiting top level talent for a lot of six-figure jobs, but we are also a full-time and permanent placement only employment agency where we try to help everyone we can in finding the right job opportunity that fits their skill set and background. With the resume optimizationservice we are waiting to help YOU. Although at the UB School of Management we are afforded the privilege of taking a class dedicated to resume and cover letter optimization many colleges do not offer these services. In fact, even at UB if you are not a business major you may not even know that resume services are offered to all students in Capen Hall (the more you know).

College students, you may not be aware of the services we can offer you at Crossroads Consulting. Now you are. Let’s start raising that number from $27,000 to over $30,000. Let’s begin to prove to employers that we’re qualified. Perfect your resume to show you off, and get yourself that interview you’re dying to get.

From people entering the job market to people getting so fed up they want to leave it, Crossroads Consulting can help on every level. Crossroads Consulting is here putting the “human” back into human resources. Do not hesitate to contact us for any of your employment needs.


By: Adam Gavriel

While sitting at Gate 8 of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport waiting for my flight from BUF to JFK to board I was overwhelmed to see so many of my co-flyers with their faces dug deep into their phones. Any of these people, from what I could only guess were ages 10-60 could have been doing anything. With all the apps out there for Blackberries and iPhones as well as other powerful mobile devices these fliers were dedicated to whatever they were doing. Two adult co-workers who sat across from me were involved in what seemed to be an enthusiastic conversation they were having while walking to their seats. The minute these two sat down was the minute the Blackberries came out of the pockets and into their hands.

With the growing technologies in the mobile field, from 3G to 4G and iPhone to Blackberry to Droid the mobile world is changing. Now throw in the handheld tablets like the iPad, the Motorola Xoom and now the new Blackberry Playbook and we’ve got another device to separate ourselves from the real world. Or better yet, connect ourselves in such an efficient manner.

Social Medias such as Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as micro-blogging tool Twitter have all developed their own mobile applications that are user friendly and very easy to use. A quick launch of Blackberry App World and search for top25 free apps shows Facebook at #3 and Twitter at #5. Not to mention all of these websites have mobile platforms to access from your phone without an app. With mobile technology growing and evolving every day it’s very easy to get, and more importantly, stay connected on the go.

Managing conversations you’re having on Twitter and connections you’ve made on Facebook and LinkedIn all become so simple to do from your 4” X 2” mobile device. All coming back to the point that making connectionsis the name of the game in the process of finding a job. With so many opportunities to stay connected to friends, job connections, and prospective employers it’s almost impossible to avoid these areas. The movement from 3G to 4G will have us all operating at speeds we couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago from a mobile device.

No longer do you have to meet a potential employer in person to hand in that resume Crossroads Consultinghas perfected for you. With a mobile phone and all these apps it’s easy to sit down, select a document and have it emailed away without having to get up off of your chair. It’s simple to make a new connection when you can click a button from your phone and send a tweet or follow someone new. When you can simply click “add as friend” or “like” a page on Facebook from your phone. When you can add connections and manage these professional contacts on LinkedIn. All of this from the comfort of your seat at Gate 8 in the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Starting is easy. Get connected, Join the Conversation, and Connect and Share with the People in your Life.


Here at Crossroads Consulting, we’re always here to offer as much help to you in getting ready for an interview as possible. Whether it’s Resume Preparation, or  custom individualized Interview Preparation, we offer it all.

But we also offer a lot of non-paid help to those coming to us.

Here, Amy Schlubach offers some tips on preparing for your next big job interview.

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