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BY: Adam Gavriel

It sounds like a terrible band from the 90’s, unfortunately it’s a little more of an issue than a post-grunge band.

All across the globe there is a bleak outlook for the demographic of adults aged 25 through 34.

Since the year 2000, a major shift has taken place in the United States, that has put it’s youth in a precarious situation. Continue reading


BY: Adam Gavriel

When you’re looking for a job, it might be best to search for recruiters, or smaller job boards, rather than the company’s website that you’re looking for.

This may seem like an odd concept to you, but think about it. If you’re submitting your resume through the company’s own website, you’re file is just another blip on the radar in the companies feed of resumes for that day.

In this Sunday’s New York Times, the author referred to this process as “submitting your resume to a black hole.” This trend will only continue to grow the more important the internet becomes in the hiring process.

Best case scenario for searching for a new job these days seems to be having an “in” with the company that you’re looking at. Knowing a current employee of the company who can put your resume in the hands of the right people.

The article reports:

“Some, like Ernst & Young, the accounting firm, have set ambitious internal goals to increase the proportion of hirings that come from internal referrals. As a result, employee recommendations now account for 45 percent of nonentry-level placements at the firm, up from 28 percent in 2010.”

“The company’s goal is 50 percent. Others, such as Deloitte and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, have begun offering prizes like iPads and large-screen TVs in addition to traditional cash incentives for employees who refer new hires.”

Ernst & Young nearly doubled their new hires from employee recommendations. This is a trend that is here to stay. And judging by their goal of 50% in-house recommendation hires, you can believe they’re going to continue to trend upwards; making it that much harder for the thousands of people who are submitting their resumes online with no destination in sight.

Unfortunately for many, the connections we have are either unavailable to help at the moment, or are simply unapproachable. This can be due in large part to the fact that many Americans are currently suffering from long-term unemployment and haven’t been able to make new connections in the professional world. According to the Times, 4.8 million Americans have been out of work for 27 weeks or more, three times as many as in late 2007.

These are numbers that are just simply unacceptable as the American economy continues to rise and fall, rise and fall, with no level consistencies to be found.

Think about it this way. If you take a look at our website over at Crossroads Consulting, you’re going to see over 50 job postings across the nation that we’re looking to fill for companies today. By going through us, rather than the company itself, we can guarantee that someone will actually be looking at your resume with an open mind, and once we get it, it will go right into the hands of the important people at the hiring company. This seems infinitely better than the system where you just hit ‘submit resume’ and pray that it’s all going to click at that moment.

Referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview over other applicants. Let us, the recruiter, be your referral and gateway into the organization.

We want to help. Our job is to get you working again and we are here to help. Remember here at Crossroads Consulting we are trying to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’


By: Stephen West

Here at Crossroads Consulting, we care about all the aspects of what’s going on in the State of Connecticut and how it affects your employment or hiring decisions. Well there are more factors that go into it than just resumes, cover letters and interview techniques.

In doing some internet reading, we came across this amazing article that seemed so right on target. The column is from “The Day” in New London about the status of the State of Connecticut. Dick Ahles, a retired freelance columnist wrote this piece and it is so accurate. We thought we’d present it here for you, but if you want to read it in it’s original place you can read it here.

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