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Allow me to paint you a picture, if I may.

The year is 2011. This blogger is a junior at the University at Buffalo, and it is March. With junior year coming to an end, he has no concrete leads on an internship that may spring him into the professional world. All he has is his New York Rangers blog and Twitter account that he runs on the side as an experiment, and for fun.

What I was able to do with my New York Rangers blog and Twitter account (as a suggestion I’ve even offered to the readers here a few times) was make connections.

Enter into the picture, Mitch Beck, President at Crossroads Consulting, and manager of Howlings.net – a website dedicated to the Rangers’ AHL and ECHL minor league affiliates.

Mitch and I would converse via Twitter about the Rangers on a near daily basis. Finally, in that same month of March, I worked up the courage to see if Mitch might have an internship with Howlings.net where I could contribute anything at all. What Mitch ended up offering me was such a fantastic opportunity that would change my life forever.

I remember like it was yesterday. Mitch direct messaged me his phone number and e-mail address and we immediately got to talking. He told me about Crossroads Consulting, the company that keeps Howlings.net rolling, and we began discussing how I could contribute.

Very quickly, we worked it out where I could contribute to Crossroads Consulting as a marketing intern. Managing the blog here at OutOfOurMinds.net and the Twitter account for the company. This all began in April 2011, just a month after first reaching out to him.

In time, Mitch had even put his trust in me to become an entry-level recruiter with the organization, helping readers like you get placed into their dream job.

From day one, working with Mitch and Crossroads Consulting have been nothing short of revolutionary and life changing for me. My internship here with Crossroads Consulting has led to so many other opportunities and it’s all because of the trust Mitch placed in me, and the work he allowed me to tackle with his own company.

Despite the fact that Mitch always knew that my end game was more in the marketing realm, and less in the recruiting industry, he never let that affect the way he treated me as an employee. Mitch never hesitated to challenge me in new ways, or teach me new things about the company and the industry that would help me grow my skills as an employee to not just be more valuable to Crossroads Consulting, but to any firm that may come knocking.

Now, nearly three years after starting my professional work career with Crossroads Consulting, my time here is coming to an end, as I begin down a more marketing path professionally.

Crossroads Consulting and Mitch will never be far from my heart and my mind as I continue down my professional path. Knowing I owe a lot to this man and his company, it’s something I’ll never forget – and even more – hope it is something that I can pay forward in the future.

Mitch, I am forever in your debt. Thank you for giving me an opportunity when no one else would. It meant the world to me sitting in my apartment in Buffalo, just as much as it does – if not more – typing this at my home today. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to connect on a personal and professional level. Please never hesitate to reach out in the future if there is anything that I can help with. I look forward to continuing our relationship. Thank you for being the best, and most helpful boss I have ever worked with.

I know Mitch is currently looking to add executive recruiters to the Crossroads Consulting staff. I can’t recommend working with Mitch and Crossroads Consulting enough. If you’re looking to work in the recruiting industry, or you have a strong sales background and are looking for a new challenge, there is absolutely no better place to get going. I have no trouble saying it will immediately be seen in your eyes as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Thank you.

(Editor’s note: Adam – I was VERY touched and moved by this and I GREATLY appreciate the kindness, but truly it was a pleasure to watch you grow. You’ve been an invaluable part of my company and you’ll be EXCEPTIONALLY hard to replace. I’ll miss you and I thank YOU for all you’ve done for me, my family and my company)


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