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0110jobsreportBY: Adam Gavriel

December’s numbers on United States unemployment percentages show just how much you need to question the reports. Despite adding just 74,000 jobs in December, the US Unemployment rated dropped 0.3% to 6.7% from 7%.

The 74,000 jobs that were added came in at 123,000 LESS than expected job adds for the month, according to Forbes. On top of the unemployment rate, the labor force participation dropped to 62.8%, the lowest rate in more than 35 years. The labor force participation rate is defined as the ratio between the labor force and the overall size of the population.

“’This has been a two steps forward and one step back recovery,’ said Mark Hamrick, Washington bureau chief at Bankrate.com, in a phone interview. While the lowest since October 2008 unemployment rate looks strong that survey only counts people who are looking for work as unemployed, suggesting many people left the labor market last month. The number of unemployed declined by 490,000 to 10.4 million”

Chief US Economist Paul Ashworth believes the low job numbers could be attributed to the poor weather the nation experienced in December. In a survey, 273,000 people reported not being able to work due to weather in December. In November, this number was just 37,000.

“In a phone conversation, PNC Chief Economist Stuart Hoffman urged people to take the new data in stride, noting that if you average the October, November and December numbers you get 172,000 jobs added a month, not far from the 182,000 per month average for the year. ‘Maybe it does mean you curb your enthusiasm a little bit about the economy being ready to break out on the upside, but I don’ t think there is any last weakness.’ He also expects upward revisions to December and 2013.”

The article dissected the numbers a bit further, and reported:

“The jobs that were added came largely from retail and wholesale trade which gained 55,000 and 15,000 jobs respectively. In retail, food stores and clothing stores added 12,000 each, general merchandisers added 8,000 and care dealers added 7,000. The holiday season hiring beat the retail 2013 average by 23,000… manufacturing and mining also added jobs.”

So while on the surface, the 6.7% unemployment is a great thing, looking a little deeper at the numbers could reveal a different story. The unemployment rate never accounts for Americans who have left the job force, and you have to believe with just 74,000 jobs added in December, and the Unemployment rate shrinking, that might have been a figure quite high for Americans liking.

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veterans_day_2007_poster1aBY: Adam Gavriel

Last Friday, and article at ABCNews.com indicated that the Labor Department had released the October jobs report for America. Amidst a government shutdown, the economy was still able to add 204,000 jobs in October. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate ticked up, as expected, to 7.3%

The labor force participation rate fell 0.4 percent to a 35 year low of 62.8% Continue reading


underemployedBY: Adam Gavriel

If you could go back in time, back to your college days, and switch your degree, would you? This is a question on the mind of some young people in America today.

According to a report from Time.com, nearly 4 out of 10 ‘young people’ are now underemployed. Underemployment refers to those working part-time when they need full-time employment, or those not making a full use of their skills.

This of course is an epidemic in today’s America where the job market isn’t as strong as the talent being pumped out by Universities and Colleges around the nation. Entry-level positions are no longer truly entry-level, in the sense that the require experience in the form of real-work experience, or internships.

From the article:

“From 2000 to 2010, mal-employment (underemployment) rose by 9.3 percentage points for college graduates between the ages of 20 and 24. Nearly 4 out of 10 young people I that group are now underemployed, and humanities and liberal-arts graduates fared the worst as a group.”

As the data continues to show, it’s time to make use of learning as many skills as you can to make yourselves marketable to employers. And as we like to preach here on the blog, time unemployed is not a vacation.

While the article on Time.com focuses mostly on English, and liberal-arts majors, this is an epidemic that is affecting many young Americans today.

Unfortunately with the Government shutdown, the most recent data available is that of August, and no September reporting will happen.

In August, the report showed that 13.7% of Americans fell into the U-6 category of unemployment. U-6 unemployment being; “Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force.”

As the official unemployment rate continued to fall in recent months, it never paints the full picture of the flaws that are truly hurting America today.

At Crossroads Consulting, though we are geared more towards the executive level as an executive search firm, helping everyone outside (and in) the labor force is our mission. If you’re an entry-level college graduate, we can help you with your resume and your interview skills with a strong focus on what employers today want to see.

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20130202-economyBY: Adam Gavriel

When the unemployment rate falls, on the surface, the books look good. That was the story in August for the United States, as the National unemployment rate fell to 7.3%. Unfortunately, that number falling doesn’t always mean good news, and while it is a microcosm of a measure for the economy, it will never tell the whole story on its own.

According to reports, the U.S. economy added 169,000 jobs in August, and improvement from the 104,000 added in July, yet much lower than economists’ expectations for the month.

Here is where the bad news comes in…

While adding 169,000 jobs in August, reports say that the labor participation rate fell to 63.2%, the lowest rate since August 1978, when 312,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force.


The labor rate participation has been falling since the year 2000, accelerated by the Great Recession that still mires the American economy.

“Economists say there are several reasons for the decline, including the retirement of the baby boomers and fewer students who also work. But the main reason for its recent fall is a lack of good jobs.” 

Wait a minute; people can still afford to retire?

“There are now 90.5 million Americans who don’t work and are not counted as part of the labor force. This excludes kids under the age of 16 and non civilians such as those in the military or in prison, but includes just about everyone else.”

So while the 7.3% number remains to appease the masses, the deeper measures continue to breed pessimism.

At Crossroads Consulting, we want nothing more than to see that number dip below 7% the right way. Dropping that .3% with people entering the workforce, not exiting it. It’s why we try to take such a personal approach with the clients and organizations that we work with.; and trust me, we want to work with everyone.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

The American unemployment numbers for May have been released, and they tell an interesting story. While May’s unemployment rate rose from April’s (7.5%) to 7.6%, payrolls also increased by 175,000 in America. This is just a mere fraction of the story, as many Americans came in and flooded the labor force.

As many economists have been saying, the unemployment numbers must be taken as a grain of salt since it does not account for Americans that have left the labor force or underemployed Americans. May tells the story perfectly as payrolls increased much more than expected and still the unemployment rate rose.

From Bloomberg.com:

“The economy has really held up much better than expected, considering the strong fiscal headwinds that we’re experiencing right now,” said Russell Price, senior economist at Ameriprise Financial Inc. in Detroit, who correctly projected the rise in the unemployment rate. “The underlying fundamentals of the economy are very supportive, and once these headwinds recede somewhat, that the economy can gain momentum.” 

The household survey displayed that government sequestration will continue to have an impact on government jobs. Employment at federal agencies, excluding the post office, dropped 9400 last month; while private payrolls saw an increase of 178,000 up from 157,000 the month prior.

““We’re seeing losses of government jobs,” Krueger said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “We’re making progress, but we would do even better if Congress would get out of the way.”” 

A tale of two economies.

One story paints a picture of a recovering economy, while another shows a bleak outlook on the horizon. Gridlock in congress, and a government sequester looming in the distance can certainly slow the recover of the American economy that is oh so necessary.

Americans need to get working again, and that’s where we come in.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Leave it to the Calgary Herald to release a report that many American’s were dying to hear. As the unemployment rate remains too high for comfort in America, many of its citizens are trying their best to get back into the job market. When the recession was at its deepest from 2007-2009 many American’s found looking for work to be tedious, time consuming, and overall a dreadful experience. These factors led many of those potential employees on the outside looking in.

Today the Calgary Herald released a report that the labor force participation rate, which is the percentage of working-age Americans either with a job or looking for one- experience its biggest monthly jump since April 2010 as it rose from 63.7% to 63.9% in January.

Also noted in the report is the figure that the United States economy created more than 200,000 jobs for the third month in a row, slowly picking away at the millions of jobs lost in the recession.

Many of the unemployed who never gave up on looking for work are starting to see the dividends pay off from their perseverance. Whether it was continuing to hunt the job market, or trying to build accomplishments for their resumes like learning new skills or obtaining a master’s degree, these prospective employees are finally finding a place to settle their feet.

In a speech on Friday, President Obama said, “We can’t go back to an economy that was weakened by outsourcing and bad debts and phony financial profits. We have got to have an economy that’s built to last and that starts with American manufacturing.”

It is certainly a dream to get more American manufacturing, to keep jobs in America while keeping costs down and lowering the unemployment rate all at the same time. A dream that if accomplished, those looking for work and those looking to hire will be able to pick and choose who or what they want, rather than waiting to be in the right place at the right time and hoping for the best.

Through the recession Crossroads Consulting has been focused on finding the opportunities that many times the person at home simply can’t. We’ve also searched for people with resumes who we can help fill those opportunities or guide them to finding one through our services. If you’re looking to hirethe right individual to fill whatever positions they are, remember we’re here to help.

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