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(Un)Employment Numbers

BY: Adam Gavriel

The June United States job reports show a stagnant growth rate while the country celebrated its 236thbirthday this past week. According to a report by Yahoo Finance, the United States economy added just 80,000 jobs in June, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2% This is the third straight month that the United States has shown weak job growth.

From the April to June quarter this year, the economy averaged just 75,000 jobs/month, one-third of the pace in the first quarter of 2012.

With the slow-rate in which jobs are being added, consumer spending continues to decrease and business all over the nation are going to feel that hit. On top of that, Europe’s debt crisis continues to slow exports from the United States. From the report: “Job creation is the fuel for the nation’s economic growth. When more people have jobs, more consumers have money to spend – and consumer spending drives about 70% of the economy.”

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BY: Adam Gavriel

According to an article released on Bloomberg BusinessWeek earlier in this week, job growth in the US seems capable of rebounding from its brief slump. Analysts from JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. say that there are no signs of a repeat of 2010 and 2011, when hiring started slumping after promising starts. However these predictions of good news are not universal, with economists at Bank of America Corp. disagreeing believing that employment will slump in the second half of the year.

Bruce Kasman, who stands as chief economist at JPMorgan believes that the economy will only be “OK” while the job market will be “better than OK.” Kasman believes that this is one of the most prominent times to hire, to invest in human capital.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

I already know what you’re thinking, not-for-profit? Pass, I want to make money. Toss that preemptive thought away. Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations are all around us every day. Think the American Red Cross, or the public schools you went to as a child, or the public schools you send your children to today.

Some quick facts about NFPs in the United States

  • 1,574,674 tax-exempt organizations, including:
    • 959,698 public charities
    • 100,337 private foundations
    • 514,639 other types of nonprofit organizations, including chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues.

(Source: NCCS Business Master File08/2011)

  • In 2009, nonprofits accounted for 9% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States.
    (Source: BEA 2010)
  • Nonprofit Share of GDP was 5.4% in 2009. (Source: BEA 2010)

Just because a company is entitled a NFP does not mean that its employees do not get paid. State governments are NFP organizations, but do you think those guys work for free? I don’t think so.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

With the August unemployment rate sitting at 9.1% and stagnating there with no end in sight to the recession that has conquered the US many American’s find themselves out of the workforce; or know someone who is looking for work.

These tables posted a week ago at seekingalpha.comshow why this recession may be here to stay and just how sharply America’s job market is trending downward.

Employment Changes (in thousands)

Showing what most of us already knew, that August was one of the worst months for job growth since September 2010.

Private Sector Changes (in thousands)

This table shows growth in all private sectors but the financial sector in 2011 and a supreme increase in the Construction sector from just last year. However the negative trend in Education from 2010 to 2011 has to be a concern.

Government Employee Changes (in thousands)

Another table highlighting the severe downfall in education, while also highlighting the overall downward trend that government employees have been experiencing all year.

Overall these tables show just how hard of a year 2011 has been on the American economy.

The jobs however are still out there. Searching for jobs you just have to be prepared. Research the field of work you’re looking into. Let a professional look at your resume. And no matter what, never stop looking for those open job opportunities around the country

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BY: Adam Gavriel

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July unemployment this morning at 9.1% a .1% decrease from the June number of 9.2% Even though approximately 117,000 jobs were added to the workforce expert analysts believe that the number of hirings would have to double in order to have a significant impact on the unemployment number.

Most of the job gains occurred in health care, retail, manufacturing, and mining. Government employment continued its downward trend.

All figures of unemployment among major work groups showed little or no change in July. Adult men at 9% adult women at 7.9% and teenagers at 25% The number of long term unemployed workers (27 weeks or more) settled at 6.2 million in July.

Employment in technical services and professional skills continued its upward trend in July by adding 18,000 jobs to their workforce; while the downturn in government jobs dropped 37,000.

With unemployment unable to get below 9% and a declining stock market Americans should begin preparing for these troubles to be here for a while as what has been deemed the “Great Recession” is bound to continue. The Dow Jones which was operating at 12,248 on August 1sthas continued its downward spiral so far this month, and the unemployment numbers will surely contribute to another fall as the Dow Jones threatens to dip below 11K for the first time since October 2010.

Even though the economy created 117,000 jobs in July it was only enough to lower the unemployment rate 0.1% and unable to settle the market which continues to free fall today.

As we’ve reported here before the higher the unemployment, the more competition for jobs there will be. At Crossroads Consulting we aim to get the best out of your abilities that we can for you. With our interview preparation and resume optimization serviceswe’re ready to make sure you’re prepared to get the most out of searching for a job that you can.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Over the course of someone’s work career they may find themselves moving because of a job promotion, or out of necessity. Not all of us can be so lucky to have to move from one city to another due to a promotion, but most of us over the course of our lives will find ourselves moving from city to city to search work like a nomad living off buffalo.

Well like the buffalo’s of old, jobs too may seem nearly extinct to the job searcher which is why it’s time to find out just where the job opportunities are.

According to a graphic on Indeed.com (see map below) out of the 50 most populous metro areas in the US, San Jose, California has the most available jobs posted per 1000 people at 187. Interestingly enough, the unemployment rate in CA sat at 11.8% in June 2011, 2.6% over the national average.

The four lowest rated Metropolitan areas were Detroit (39 jobs posted/1000 people), Buffalo (35), Miami (35), Rochester (34) and New Orleans (30).

On the local job scene for Connecticut residents interestingly, Hartford is ranked 8thamong the Top 50 metropolitan areas at a  surprising 94 jobs posted per 1000 people. Connecticut’s unemployment rate for June 2011 was 9.1% under the 9.2% national average.

New York residents may be surprised to learn that they have three of its cities in the bottom seven of the Top 50 (including Manhattan) while its unemployment rate in June 2011 was 8% a full percentage point and change under the national average.

As a firm based in the Connecticut area, Crossroads Consultingbelieves that together we can continue to lower the unemployment rate one person at a time as we help those who are unhappy in their present position and especially those who are currently unemployed, find jobs.  If this report tells us one thing, it’s that there are jobs out there to be had. Having an ally on your side like Crossroads Consulting can do nothing but help.

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Our main mission is to help you get in into that new job and if you’re hiring to find the right person for your needs.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Goldman Sachs believes that America’s economic growth will only be a shade of what it once was. Predicting that the U.S. will only report a rise of 1.5% in the second quarter and continue to grow slowly at a rate of 2% in the third quarter, Sachs believes that America will continue to be in the “Great Recession.”

These numbers came at a big surprise to economist Jan Hatzuis who predicted a rise of 2% in the 2ndquarter followed be a big increase to 3.25% in the third quarter.

Consumer confidence has also fell almost 20% recently, going back to its level only previously seen in 2009 when Citi was facing bankruptcy.

Many believe that the fall of consumer confidence as well as the slow overall growth of the economy has to do with the impending debt ceiling and how the US plans to deal with it.

The slower the growth, the lower the consumer confidence, the higher the unemployment. Goldman Sachs has already upped their prediction for end of the year unemployment numbers from 8.25% to 8.75% after the discouraging reported growth of the US economy. Even though the 8.75% will be a smaller number than the current 9.2% some states, most likely including Connecticut, will still be operating at an unemployment number of greater than 9% (In May, CT reported a 9.1% unemployment rate – and hasn’t been at under 9% since 8.9% in 11/09).

With all the economic troubles, and the hit Japan took with the earthquake (congratulations on the World Cup win, can’t wait for the movie) the world’s economy, specifically the US economy, seems to be at a halt within itself.

Let’s break this down.

The higher the unemployment rate, the more people there are looking for jobs (obvious) however what’s not so obvious is the underlying meaning beneath this number. The higher the unemployment, the more competition there is for jobs. The more competition there is for jobs, the more selective companies can be. Selective companies can be a recruiters nightmare, but not for Crossroads Consulting. As a Connecticut based executive search and recruitment firm Crossroads Consulting is insulted by the 9% unemployment rate in CT.

Understanding that the higher unemployment gets the more “picky” companies can get, we aim to put the “human” back into human resources on every level.

We know you may not have time to build up your resume and perfect it to send to an employer. We can do that for you.

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