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Jobhunter_teenBY: Adam Gavriel

As job seekers, focusing on the impending United States debt ceiling crisis is probably difficult to avoid.

In its most basic form, regardless of how the United States government reaches an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, or put an extension on the deadline, job seekers everywhere are going to be in a world of hurt.

For starters, the United States is still borrowing more and more money and to keep up with the payments on the debt service, and to keep up with the exploding entitlement commitments, taxes are going to be raised – A LOT.

With taxes going up, layoffs, and the impending Obamacare job losses that are almost a guarantee to be coming – or at very least hours being reduced in order to stay away from the costs, job seekers are going to find times getting tougher. It’s time to get educated. It’s time to get prepared.

Today on the blog, we’re going to offer some quick tips that can help you stay above the pact in what will become a more “bloodthirsty” market for available jobs…

Make sure your resume is right.

  • We’re talking one page max length, a clear objective that is tailored to the job that you are applying for. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Read your resume out loud to yourself, it will really amaze you at how different it sounds. Have someone else read your resume too, and see if they can help. It is always beneficial to hear your thoughts and words through another person’s voice. If all else fails, contact us at Crossroads Consulting, and we will optimize your resume for you.

WRITE A COVER LETTER! – Personalize It.

  • You would be amazed what a quick Google search could tell you about the job opening you’re looking at. “To Whom it May Concern” or “To the Hiring Manager” are played out. See if you can find the name of an HR Representative, or the recruiter that is working your job opening.

Stay vigilant.

  • The jobs are out there, but you will find more competition for them and they will be harder to find. At Crossroads Consulting, we currently have over fifty openings that we are looking to place TODAY. You can view our job openings here.

Follow up.

  • This is especially prudent if you submit your resume online, as seems to be the norm today. Find a contact in the department you were looking at (trust me, it’s easier than you think), and make sure you do your best to bypass the generic resume submission, and get it into the hands of someone who can help immediately.

If you’re looking for help, feel free to shoot me an email at:  adam@crossroadsconsulting.com.

Build your skills.

  • There are endless amounts of free software or training tools on the internet to build skills in areas that you may need to improve. Assuming you are reading job openings every day, you have a keen eye as to what employers in your field are looking for. Make sure you can prove that you have these skills.

Get creative.

  • Remember to stay educated, everyone. If things don’t change quickly, the US Government could put the American people in a bind we haven’t seen since 2008.

At Crossroads Consulting we believe as strongly in the strength of America as we do in our ability to help every job seeker that we can. In our office we are dedicated to putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’.


job-search-engineBY: Adam Gavriel

LinkedIn, as of late, is trying to posture itself as a social network. In doing this, LinkedIn has started a great feature where, similar to Facebook, they promote articles that are tailored to your interests. I say this as a caveat towards this blog because; a) it is based off of a LinkedIn featured post on my home feed, and b) if you’re not on LinkedIn and you are a job seeker: get on LinkedIn.

Today featured an article posted by Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew VC. Walk suggested what you should ask yourself before you quit your current job, and consider beginning to  pursue a new career.  Not only that, but Walk also talks briefly about what sort of aspects you need to look for in a new career that will be best for you.

The question Walk wants the reader to ask themselves is; “What are you optimizing for?” 

In the article, Walk goes on to say:

“The most successful folks are rarely trying to decide between a good option and a bad option when it comes to employment. This is especially true in today’s technology sector where it’s not uncommon for skilled engineers to have almost daily inbound interest from recruiters, founders and former colleagues. Choosing between a good option and a bad one is easy – don’t do the bad one. However when you’ve got multiple intriguing roles available to you it’s not a question of good vs bad or right vs wrong. It’s a question of which one is best for you in this next phase of your career. And to do that you need to decide what to optimize for.”

Walk recommends narrowing it down as best as you can to 2 or 3 options as to what is most important for you – what you are optimizing for.

In essence, what do you look for in your perfect job? Good work vs. life culture? Commute time? Health benefits? Quality of the employees and work type of management? Corporate or start up culture feel? All of these factors, and many more, play a huge role in the type of career that people are looking for.

This is a process that Walk says provided him the insight to leave a job at Google, and start up Homebrew.

As recruiters here at Crossroads Consulting, we can help you cut through the blurred lines of your career path and give you honest and immediate evaluation of the company that you would be working for. It’s all part of our mission here at Crossroads Consulting as we aim to, put the “Human’ back into “Human Resources.”

Please feel free to come to our website today and check out our current job openings. If there isn’t a current opening that seems like a fit for you, feel free to send us your resume or get in contact with us at the office anyway, and we will do whatever we can to help you in your search.

(Photo courtesy of culpwrit.com)


clip_image002BY: Adam Gavriel

Preparing for the Storm

A recent study has shown that just 36% of CEO members of the business roundtable plan to add workers over the next six months, which is down 6% from 42% when the same survey was taken three months ago. Obviously, this is NOT good news if you are one of the many Americans who find themselves unemployed at the moment.

Jim McNerney, the group’s chairman and CEO of The Boeing Co. tried to explain this dip in confidence by saying that there is “concern over increasingly persistent obstacles to a stronger recovery.” Mr. McNerney was talking about uncertainty over future tax increases and of course the financial crisis that is currently striking Europe.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

When it’s March 21stin Buffalo and outside there are people tanning, in shorts or t-shirts, throwing a football around, you know something has to be wrong. That’s one of the signs of Armageddon in Revelations isn’t it?

One of the warmest winters in recent history has come to a close and the start of spring is just around the corner. Finally, here at the University at Buffalo it looks like a college with people outside congregating and doing the things you see on every college flyer, handbook and website instead of avoiding snow covered roads and running for cover in the comfort of nearby buildings.

What usually happens though at this time of year is that many American’s will engage in the yearly tradition of spring cleaning when early April rolls around. Like a New Year’s Resolution, spring cleaning can come in many different forms. Of course there’s the obvious straightening up your home, changing the air fresheners to that sort of resemblance of the smell of flowers or as in-between-the-lines as it gets of cleaning up everything.

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If you’re using your resume to get you a job, here’s a piece of advice – STOP!

The resume’s sole purpose in the job hunt is to allow you to be introduced to the employer and hope that one sheet of paper impresses that person enough to get you in the door for an interview.

Last week in class, my MGO 403 (Strategic Management) instructor informed the class that most HR professionals or head hunters spend on average six to eight seconds looking at a resume. If that is in fact the case, those six to eight seconds is the amount of time that you’ll have to impress the person looking at your resume. Although when I get a resume sent to my email, I like to spend more than seven seconds looking at it there a few things I’m looking for right away.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Back in July on the blog we posted this picture (see below) that showed how many job postings there were in a certain area per 1000 people. As you can see, the bigger the red circle, the more jobs there were. These figures represented the month of June in those areas.


Today’s blog will make note of one of the biggest circles on the map, California, specifically San Diego.

In a report at the Voice of San Diego the online periodical reported that in an economy that continues to falter San Diego’s job trend continues upward from its decline in 2009. Between September 2010 and September 2011 San Diego’s employment shot up 1.4% while the countries unemployment rate went from 9.6% to ~9.1% and California’s unemployment rate went from 12.5% to ~12.1% showing that San Diego’s specific unemployment has been steadier than the Nation’s. As economic experts continue to forecast that the recession we are in will last steadily affecting unemployment, San Diego continues to try and dig itself out of the hole the nation finds itself in.

Conversely like the rest of the nation from 2007 to 2009 San Diego experienced a huge drop in employment numbers, however the recent upward trend remains strong and optimism to get back to a good level is in full effect out west.


Although a Connecticut based firm, Crossroads Consulting has current openings all over the nation. Not ready to apply for a job? Let us take a look at your resumefor you. We offer all the services you can think of for the job market and are ready to help as we continue to put the “human” back into human resources.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Reports are coming out today that the US unemployment rate remained at a very disconcerting 9.1% from July to August. This may come as not so much of a shock to most considering the turn the United States economy took in mid-to-late August. Even though towards the end of the month the Dow almost cracked above 12,000 it took a sharp plunge between today and yesterday back down to near 11,000. No surprise that this came after the job reports that have been coming out since the US announced the 9.1% unemployment rate.

Jerry Harris had this to add about the struggling job economy in the US and how it has affected the market recently: “The jobs number adds weight to the notion that we’ve been in a recession for four to five months,” said Jerry Harris, president and chief investment officer at Sterne Agee Asset Management. “I just can’t see financial institutions as an opportunity–I just don’t think they’re going to have the earnings power for a long time.”

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