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Hi. My name is Amy Schlubach. If you’ve looked at this site a couple of times, I’ve posted here about some things that I’ve learned. But I thought we should communicate more on a one-to-one basis, so I decided to tell you a little more about myself.

I’ve worked hard and I’m proud to be in my final year at Western Connecticut State University working on a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

It didn’t hit that I was approaching “the real world” until the end of my junior year in college.

The thought of getting my diploma and having to start repaying on my student loans and put some money away was not going to be easy out in the real world in my chosen field of marketing without any practical or hands-on experience meant that it was highly unlikely I was going to get hired by anyone.

My thoughts led me to making the decision to get some “real world” experience it would probably have to come as an intern with a company.

Timing is everything!

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