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BY: Adam Gavriel

New research conducted by a Gallup poll has reported that underemployment has been affecting higher educated Americans more than other demographics. Underemployment differs from unemployment as it has more to do with how the potential workforce in America is being utilized, rather than taking into account who works and who doesn’t.

The reported numbers say that the number has dropped 17% of higher educated American’s who rather their lives as “thriving.” This number is the highest difference in points between % of those surveyed thriving while employed versus thriving while underemployed.

On the other hand, although the difference between “thriving” is greatest between higher educated American’s, those without a college education have a lower percent recorded of thriving. Also noted is the fact that 60% of all employed Americans consider themselves thriving, while 67% of college graduates and 71% of postgraduates consider themselves thriving.

It doesn’t stop there.

Gallup also conducted a survey on age groups, men, women, race, and income.

Men beat woman by 1% (15 to 14) in the difference between thriving while employed and thriving while underemployed.

The demographic of 30-44 year olds take being underemployed the hardest as there is a decrease in 23% of those who believe they are still thriving.

Whites among the other ethnicities have a 16% decrease, the highest among those surveyed.

And possibly the most surprising of them all, those surveyed in the $90,000 + a year income bracket have a 13% decrease in thriving while employed versus underemployed, beating out less than $36K and the $36K-$89,999 salaried classes by 4 percentage points.

Through this study it can be determined that how one views themselves comes all about expectations. College grads and higher educated Americans tend to have higher goals and beliefs in what they should be accomplishing in the workplace at a certain time in their life. When things aren’t going there way it seems to be the higher educated that take it the hardest, maybe realizing that some of their dreams in life aren’t going the way they want it to.

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