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BY: Adam Gavriel

The struggles of today’s American economy are not just presenting themselves to the small-town America economy; No. The country’s biggest cities are also among those being affected.

At Chicagobusiness.com released an article showing the percentage gains and losses in the cities biggest sectors. As with most areas in the country, they have experienced gains in some categories with major losses coming elsewhere.

Chicago’s biggest growths occurred in the Mining and Logging sector, as well as the professional and business services. These are good sectors to grow in being mining and logging involving mass quantities of laborers, while professional and business services includes small-businesses (which we all know is the engine that drives the US economy).

Unfortunately, Chicago received nearly no growth in the education and health services (0.1% growth) as well as a huge loss in retail trade (-4.3%). The loss in retail trade is even more discouraging figuring in holiday hiring in the retail markets.

Here is the full chart of losses and gains in Chicago.


While the countries unemployment rate continues to remain steadily less than 8% Illinois has fallen on harder times than the rest of the nation experiencing an unemployment rate of 8.8%

The country will need it’s major cities, like Chicago, to begin to experience growth in order to change the fate of the rest of the country. We need everyone working together in order to make this recession disappear once and for all.

At Crossroads Consulting, LLC. we are trying to do our part. With job openings across the nation being updated on a daily basis, and a resume service to make sure you’re in the best position with potential employers, it is OUR mission to help get the Unemployment rate to a more respectable figure; and get Americans working AGAIN.

Please don’t give up on your search, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your search for a career run a little more smoothly. Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’



Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you otherwise, but what you major is in college has an effect on your chances of employment. A study conducted by utSanDiego.com found that art, humanities, or social science majors could all expect an unemployment rate of greater than 8.5% after graduation.

A promising number occurred in the measure of graduates with Education or Health Care majors showing that the unemployment rate was less than 5.5% The educational system is where a lot of money and investment should be put, and the low unemployment rate for those graduating with those degrees shows that jobs are being created in an industry so important to the countries future.

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