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Casey PritchettBY: Philip Pritchett

While the jobs crisis in the United States seems to ever so slowly rebound, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, our nations’ veterans somehow are finding themselves at a disadvantage to non-veterans when seeking employment.  Coming from a highly structured world would seem to be an advantage for veterans looking for employment, but it is not.  The world we live in is much less structured than the world these veterans found themselves in during their service.

“It’s a very sticky problem we’ve seen year after year here, especially for young veterans,” said Erica Borggren, director of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.  “They’re coming back to an incredibly competitive environment where employers tend to stick with what they know instead of take a bet on military members who have incredible value,” said Bridget Altenburg, COO of the veterans’ advocacy group National Able Network.  Altenburg explains, “It’s possible that veterans who joined the service after high school have never written a resume or interviewed for a job.”

In many cases, the training these veterans receive during their time of service is often overlooked, and unrecognized by today’s job market  The ability to translate these skills can be a huge asset in their attempt to find suitable employment.

Fortunately, an employment agency like Crossroads Consulting is available to help, “put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’”   One of the world’s most unique Executive Recruiting agencies, Crossroads Consulting has a goal of contributing to the decrease in the unemployment rate – especially among the nations’ veterans – in whatever way they can.  With over 50 job opportunities currently available, (see them all here) they have something for just about everyone.  Need help writing your resume, or preparing for that big interview, Crossroads Consulting has that covered for you too… (Sign up for it here)

   Whether you’re unemployed or just unsatisfied with your current employer, Crossroads Consulting can help.  They have all the connections needed to help you land your dream job.  The quest to find a rewarding career can be a lonely one.  Shouldn’t you have an expert on your side?  Send your resume, TODAY to info@crossroadsconsulting.com, or give them a call at (203) 459-9969; you’ll be glad you did!

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“Hello, Hello, Hello………Is There Anybody In There?”

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailBY: Philip Pritchett

According to a report from ABC News, the US Labor Department, unemployment rates fell from 6.7% in March 2014 to 6.3% in April 2014.  Nationally, 288,000 jobs were created, making April’s increase in hiring the biggest increase of the last 2 ½ years.  Still, in this report, many job seekers are unable to find jobs that they want.  More often than not, many are also unaware of resources available to help them land their dream job.

With today’s job market as competitive as ever, getting your resume in the hands of the hiring manager can be the biggest challenge.  Timing is key in this process, and having a network of professionals who are familiar with the industry, and companies within it is a must.  A professor of mine at Florida State University once told me that applying for a job that had been posted for more than 3 days was a, “waste of time.”   Take a look around, most job postings you’d probably be interested in are well over 3 days old.   Thus, the process of looking for a job, even when well-qualified, can be a pretty intimidating obstacle.  How often do you see a job posting that’s perfect, but it’s two weeks old?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts on your side?

Fortunately, an employment agency like Crossroads Consulting is available to help, “Put the human back in human resources.”   Perhaps the world’s most unique Executive Recruiting agency, Crossroads Consulting’s goal is to decrease the unemployment rate however they can.  With over 50 job placements available, they have something for everyone.  They will help you write your resume, get you ready for your interviews, and even prepare you for salary negotiations.

Whether you’re unemployed or just unsatisfied with your current employer, Crossroads Consulting can help.  They have all the connections needed to help you land your dream job.  The quest to find a rewarding career can be a lonely one.  Shouldn’t you have an expert on your side?  Send them your resume, TODAY, at info@crossroadsconsulting.com, or give them a call at (203) 459-9969; you’ll be glad you did!

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BY: Adam Gavriel

The June United States unemployment numbers have been released, and well, they’re not too appealing to the eye.

As the old story of the tortoise and the hare racing will tell us, slow and steady wins the race; but when it comes to economic recovery, who exactly is winning with “slow and steady”? On the brighter side, progress is still progress, and as long as the economy is moving forward, Americans and the world alike can remain optimistic with hope on the horizon.

According to an article published by Forbes, employers added 195,000 workers in June, slightly higher than economists’ prediction of 165,000. Despite the added workers, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.6%

Since June’s numbers are merely more of the same, it’s unlikely to significantly alter the Fed’s thinking. The central bank is targeting 7% unemployment before they begin to reduce their monetary easing. Regardless, markets have been hit with waves of volatility lately as investors tried to deduce when the Fed would cut back on its bond purchases.”

The Federal Reserve, of course, is pumping $85 billion-a-month bond-buying program into the US economy to try and increase activity. AS the article states, they are aiming for an unemployment rate of 7% or less to cut on the initiative.

While the private sector is beginning a recovery, the public sector continues to bring the recovery down. While private employers added 202,000 workers in June, state, local and federal governments fired 7,000 workers.

While slow and steady eventually wins the race in the folk tale, it’s a different story when it comes to a recovering economy. Again, while progress in a forward motion is still better than the alternative, with the American economy struggling for as long as it has, we’d like to see better and more rapid progress begin to show.

That’s why at Crossroads Consulting, we’re doing everything we can to get the process to speed up. As an employment agency dedicated to putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’ we’re not just a job board, we’re an office of people working FOR you. Our search firm is the connection you need to get introduced to the correct job path, and career path, that you’ve been looking for.

With our nationwide job postings that are always updating, and our recommended resume service, there is no reason not to get in contact with us at Crossroads Consulting today.


BY: Adam Gavriel

If you’re lucky enough to be in the middle of the hiring process, but can’t seem to push past the point of the interview, this blog may be for you.

After the hiring manager views your resume and your cover letter, and perhaps even after the company interviews you, you may need a little bit more to set you over the top of the competition. This is where your references will come in.

Unfortunately, choosing a great reference isn’t as easy as it would seem. There might also be a few great references out there that you can use that are more “outside the box.”

Last week, USNews.com posted a great article about choosing your references. Here are a few of their tips:

If you have many references from a long career, try to find the three or four best connections and fit it to one page. You don’t want to overwhelm hiring managers with too long of a list. Also, as you would with a resume and cover letter, tailor your list of references to the job position you are applying for. Use references from the same industry whenever possible.

 Although you may not think so, family and friends can be viable options under certain circumstances. If you were in a professional relationship with a family member or a friend, it is okay to utilize these connections as a professional reference, and ONLY as a professional reference.

Unfortunately, not all of us out there are seasoned in the workforce. If you’re a recent graduate, don’t discount utilizing professors or summer job supervisors as a reference. These are the professionals that are going to know your work habits best.

Despite your relationship, it is wise to include a recent boss. Some employers may find it suspicious if your most recent employer is missing from you references page; this is especially important if this boss is a professional within your current industry.

Most importantly, it is important to keep your references in the loop. Ask permission to use connections as a reference. You don’t want to have your connections blindsided by a call. It’s never a bad thing to thank a reference, but if you have enough it is also wise to rotate your references. You don’t want the same professionals getting bombarded with calls; keep your list fresh.

As a professional search firm and employment agency, we implore you to use us, Crossroads Consulting, as your main reference. With direct ties to all the job listings we currently have, your best and most glowing recommendation will come from us. If you would like, it is important to think of us as your main connection to the job. We can get your information in there directly to the hiring manager, along with our recommendation of you as a professional.

As a full service employment agency, we want to be around from the first step you take towards finding a new career, to the last step you take walking into the office as an employee. At Crossroads Consulting, our mission is to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’ and it all starts with you.


BY: Adam Gavriel

The American unemployment numbers for May have been released, and they tell an interesting story. While May’s unemployment rate rose from April’s (7.5%) to 7.6%, payrolls also increased by 175,000 in America. This is just a mere fraction of the story, as many Americans came in and flooded the labor force.

As many economists have been saying, the unemployment numbers must be taken as a grain of salt since it does not account for Americans that have left the labor force or underemployed Americans. May tells the story perfectly as payrolls increased much more than expected and still the unemployment rate rose.

From Bloomberg.com:

“The economy has really held up much better than expected, considering the strong fiscal headwinds that we’re experiencing right now,” said Russell Price, senior economist at Ameriprise Financial Inc. in Detroit, who correctly projected the rise in the unemployment rate. “The underlying fundamentals of the economy are very supportive, and once these headwinds recede somewhat, that the economy can gain momentum.” 

The household survey displayed that government sequestration will continue to have an impact on government jobs. Employment at federal agencies, excluding the post office, dropped 9400 last month; while private payrolls saw an increase of 178,000 up from 157,000 the month prior.

““We’re seeing losses of government jobs,” Krueger said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “We’re making progress, but we would do even better if Congress would get out of the way.”” 

A tale of two economies.

One story paints a picture of a recovering economy, while another shows a bleak outlook on the horizon. Gridlock in congress, and a government sequester looming in the distance can certainly slow the recover of the American economy that is oh so necessary.

Americans need to get working again, and that’s where we come in.

At Crossroads Consulting, we pride ourselves on being an employment agency that is dedicated to putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’ We want to work with you from step one to placing you in your dream job; and we want to get started today. At Crossroads Consulting, we are also a search firm, so if we come knocking on your door, don’t worry it’s not the NSA, just us trying to help.

We are a full service employment agency. If you’re not comfortable with your resume? Contact us. If you can’t seem to find the job you’re looking for, or the human interaction in the process that you crave? Contact us. Our job is to get you working TODAY.

Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’ More importantly, we’re here to make sure the unemployment number never gets higher than 7.6% again, and for that, we need your help.


BY: Adam Gavriel

The best reflection of how the United States economy, and the world economy in some cases, is going is shown by the stock market. What’s even more incredible about this, is that is an instant indicator, and one that will tell a story in very few words. The stock market can make or break a fortune; but if a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a graph say?


Here is a graph of today’s market movements so far. In blue, the Dow, in red, the NASDAQ, and in yellow, the S&P 500. All trending downward since the market opened this morning.

This is all because early Wednesday morning reports cited that the economy is continuing to “recover” at its incredibly sluggish pace.

From an article posted on Yahoo! News this morning:

“Investors have become increasingly sensitive to economic reports in the last two weeks. They are trying to anticipate when the Federal Reserve will pull back on its $85 billion of bond purchases a month. That program has supported markets this year, and on some days stocks have even rallied on speculation that an ailing economy would ensure the stimulus will remain in place.

“We’re pleased to see the market sell off on some bad news,” said John Lynch, a regional chief investment officer for Wells Fargo private bank. “The whole idea that bad news was good news was frustrating because it suggests to me that the markets are becoming too Fed-dependent.””

On Friday, the United States Department of Labor will release the employment report from the month of May. Many economists expect the Unemployment rate to continue dropping to a more manageable number. The problem will continue to lie in the speed of the recovery, which is making the economy seem more and more stagnant every month.

As an employment agency, we are seeking candidates every day to fill the open job positions that we have TODAY. We pride ourselves on being a search firm, so we may find you before you find us, but wouldn’t it be greater to meet in the middle somewhere?

At Crossroads Consulting, we firmly believe in being an employment agency that fully understands their clients on both sides of the employment spectrum, we aim to be human. That is why it is our goal as a search firm to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’

If you’re not comfortable in your resume, we can help you there with our recommended resume service.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, because it is only together that we can speed up the rate at which unemployment falls!


BY: Adam Gavriel

Even the giants are not immune to the dwarfing economy.

Recently, ESPN – “the worldwide leader in sports” – announced that they would be laying off 400 employees. While employment agencies everywhere are champing at the bit to get a hold of this new talent that is hitting the market, ESPN and Disney are trying to keep their bottom line positive.

According to an article from Forbes.com, these 400 employees represent near 5% of ESPN’s total workforce. The article continues to say that ESPN continues to be a victim of its own size, as too many investments threaten to cripple their profit margin.

Some of these investments include the U.S. Open, and Wimbledon, two tennis tournaments that will cost ESPN $110 million a year to broadcast. ESPN will also pay over $1 billion per year to broadcast college football regular season and bowl games. And between the four major American sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey) ESPN will shell out over $3.5 billion – oh yeah, and that includes $0 going to hockey.

However none of that should scare the executives at ESPN who will generate $3.3 billion from ad sales, and nearly double that from affiliate fees. Unfortunately, the call came down from Disney to make sure that ESPN’s bottom line stays in the black, and they are willing to cut with nearly 5% of their human capital to accomplish this task.

The American sport industry is a huge landscape, and one that ESPN has dominated for some time. That doesn’t mean that they are immune to the struggling American economy though. And if ESPN is struggling, then you have to imagine things aren’t that close to a positive swing, even if the numbers are crawling – and trying to pull you – in a different direction.

As an employment agency and search firm, if you are an former-employee of ESPN and have been affected by these layoffs, we want to hear from you TODAY. At Crossroads Consulting, we are the only search firm putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’

We are currently scanning the market to fill our nearly 50 job openings as soon as we can, and we’d love to receive your resume. If you’ve been out of the job searching game for a little while and are not confident in your resume writing skills, we can help you there too with our recommended resume service.

Remember, most employment agencies will have you submit your resume to their database where it has a chance of never being viewed. With Crossroads Consulting, your resume will immediately enter the inbox of our recruiters, who will get back to you about the position the very next day.

ESPN may have to learn the hard way how important human capital is. At Crossroads Consulting, we know the value of the human aspect in today’s economy, and we want to pay it forward for YOU.