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Casey PritchettBY: Casey Pritchett

Today’s job market can be as challenging for employers as it is for job seekers.  Finding the right, qualified, candidates is not as easy as it seems because the “right person” for the job isn’t always an applicant  for the position, and might not even know the position exists. Because of this, search strings are created and used online by recruiters in order to find the best employees.

Search strings are strategically descriptive words and phrases used to reduce or narrow the hunt for qualified candidates online by employers.  Search strings can even be aimed at a particular company’s employees, as well.  These search strings can be intimidating to beginners but are not hard to do, and there are websites like Boolify.com that will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of creating these searches.

Without the use of well-designed search strings, an employer’s search for candidates can be overwhelmed by the number of people that fit a job’s broad description and/or requirements.  Search strings serve to reduce the number of possible candidates, sometimes from as much as 1,000’s to less than 100.

Search strings allow employers to save time and money on finding and recruiting the best employees to come work for their company.  With the job market in the current state that it’s in, and the number of people looking for jobs, let’s all be happy that these search strings are being used.  After all, it’s an employer’s way of distinguishing candidates from one another – which is what job seekers are desperate to do in the first place.

If searching Boolean strings is not your thing, there’s a simpler way to find the best job opportunity and that’s to visit Crossroads Consulting’s website. There you’ll find over 50 of the latest job opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

While unemployed, especially if you’re one of America’s long-term unemployed, it’s hard to stay on the right path. It’s hard to make sure that your priorities are balanced and that you are doing the right things. The fact of the matter is, there isn’t only one right way to get a job, but there are plenty of wrong ways to make sure that you stay stuck where you are.

What’s the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Here are a few “Do’s and don’ts” of time unemployed. Continue reading


BY: Adam Gavriel

A report released recently by The Connecticut Policy Institute shows exactly what Connecticut residents have been feeling recently is indeed a fact – gloomy days are here.

The latest data shows that Connecticut job growth has been lagging behind not only the nation, but also the northeast.


From the report:

“The department’s survey of employers indicates three consecutive months of job losses, almost entirely erasing the 10,000-job gain posted in July. Over the summer state officials and other observers celebrated that gain with much fanfare, but as the CPI hypothesized  at the time it appears to have largely been a statistical anomaly. As the charts above and below show, the employer survey’s longer-term trajectory remains one of slow growth, lagging both the country as a whole and most of Connecticut’s northeast neighbors”

Further details show that out of the 9 northeastern states surveyed, Connecticut ranks 7th in both Nonfarm Employment and Residents Employed with growth of 0.6 percent and decline of 0.5 percent respectively.

Despite the uptick in employment for September and October, the household survey continues to show net losses over the year, and Connecticut lagging behind the rest of the nation.

According to CNN Money, Connecticut’s state 8.1 percent unemployment ranks 37th in the United States.

As an employment firm based in Connecticut, we here at Crossroads Consulting do not take too kindly to these numbers. They reflect on us, and on Connecticut as a whole as neighbors, friends, and connections. We know we need to work together to dig out of the hole that the nation was put into with the Great Recession.

With nearly 50 job openings,, many in Connecticut, we hope to make these numbers tick in Connecticut’s favor, and get Connecticut back to where it deserves to be. Let us reach out a helping hand with our recommended resume and interview preparation services.

Remember, we’re here at Crossroads Consulting to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’


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Mitch headshot 10-13tBY: Mitch Beck, President , Crossroads Consulting

At Crossroads Consulting, we pride ourselves on being a slightly different kind of recruiting firm as any visit to our own job listings page will prove.

While our primary focus has been, and always will be, to help job seekers find new employment as well as assisting companies to hire the right new employee, Crossroads Consulting is also here to offer successful, tried and true advice that can help improve the work environment for all concerned.

With that in mind, and keeping with our overall theme in terms of how we do things, we present this advice on, “Tips For Succeeding As A Woman In The Workplace!


BY: Adam Gavriel

When it’s March 21stin Buffalo and outside there are people tanning, in shorts or t-shirts, throwing a football around, you know something has to be wrong. That’s one of the signs of Armageddon in Revelations isn’t it?

One of the warmest winters in recent history has come to a close and the start of spring is just around the corner. Finally, here at the University at Buffalo it looks like a college with people outside congregating and doing the things you see on every college flyer, handbook and website instead of avoiding snow covered roads and running for cover in the comfort of nearby buildings.

What usually happens though at this time of year is that many American’s will engage in the yearly tradition of spring cleaning when early April rolls around. Like a New Year’s Resolution, spring cleaning can come in many different forms. Of course there’s the obvious straightening up your home, changing the air fresheners to that sort of resemblance of the smell of flowers or as in-between-the-lines as it gets of cleaning up everything.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

Over the course of someone’s work career they may find themselves moving because of a job promotion, or out of necessity. Not all of us can be so lucky to have to move from one city to another due to a promotion, but most of us over the course of our lives will find ourselves moving from city to city to search work like a nomad living off buffalo.

Well like the buffalo’s of old, jobs too may seem nearly extinct to the job searcher which is why it’s time to find out just where the job opportunities are.

According to a graphic on Indeed.com (see map below) out of the 50 most populous metro areas in the US, San Jose, California has the most available jobs posted per 1000 people at 187. Interestingly enough, the unemployment rate in CA sat at 11.8% in June 2011, 2.6% over the national average.

The four lowest rated Metropolitan areas were Detroit (39 jobs posted/1000 people), Buffalo (35), Miami (35), Rochester (34) and New Orleans (30).

On the local job scene for Connecticut residents interestingly, Hartford is ranked 8thamong the Top 50 metropolitan areas at a  surprising 94 jobs posted per 1000 people. Connecticut’s unemployment rate for June 2011 was 9.1% under the 9.2% national average.

New York residents may be surprised to learn that they have three of its cities in the bottom seven of the Top 50 (including Manhattan) while its unemployment rate in June 2011 was 8% a full percentage point and change under the national average.

As a firm based in the Connecticut area, Crossroads Consultingbelieves that together we can continue to lower the unemployment rate one person at a time as we help those who are unhappy in their present position and especially those who are currently unemployed, find jobs.  If this report tells us one thing, it’s that there are jobs out there to be had. Having an ally on your side like Crossroads Consulting can do nothing but help.

Be sure to check out Crossroads Consulting’s own job openings to see if you’re a fit. Also, take note of the fact that with so many people out there looking, having your resume look it’s very best is going to be critical to you beating out so many other candidates. Crossroads Consulting also offers a resume optimizationservice that is far more reasonable than virtually any other out there. We also offer interview preparation services as well, also at a very reasonable price.

Our main mission is to help you get in into that new job and if you’re hiring to find the right person for your needs.

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BY: Adam Gavriel

According to a report by CBIZ small business hiring increased from 0.67% in June after increasing just 0.22% in May. At first glance this number looks somewhat promising, but among the small business (companies with 300 or less employees) surveyed, 49% maintained their current number of employees. On the other hand 22% decreased employees while 29% reported an increase in hiring.

Philip Noftsinger believes that the little growth in June when there should have been an extreme increase due to seasonal hiring shows that there is little to no confidence in this number rising substantially any time soon. Noftsinger expects the small business sector will remain weak through the third and possibly fourth quarters of this year.

However it is also important to note that the small business sector remains just that, small. Any rapid growth in this area is hard to come by since the sector thrives on long-term economic growth to succeed and it is very unlikely to show a rapid increase in such a short amount of time.

Although the numbers have increased, it was just a few fractions of a percent which continues to make those observing it weary about the future of small business hiring.

On the other hand among all this data is a report that sales of small businesses earning an average $350,000 in revenue have increased 8% in the second quarter of this year. But this number too is also deceiving. The only reason the number has increased 8% is that small business owners are losing confidence and not asking for the market prices they once were demanding. According to a report by BizBuySale.com buyers paid a median of $25,000 less than market value for purchased small business in the 2ndquarter.

According to the study, 45% of all businesses sold were in the service sector, while 26% were retail.

When times in the nation are bad it is the small businesses that are hit first. Not being able to keep up with the big chains that run them out of business, the mom and pop shops of the world begin to suffer.

At Crossroads Consulting we know the hardship that is going out there and that’s why we strive to put the “Human” back into Human Resources. With job openings that are updated daily we also offer resume optimizationand interview preparation for the job seekers. Not only that but if you’ve been keeping up with the blog here at Out of Our Minds you know that we have posted quick write ups on how to improve your skills. We browse resumes daily that are posted online in order to find those people that we feel we can help.

Send in your resume today, and we’ll help you find the career you’ve always been looking for.

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