By: Amy Schlubach

Ever since I took this internship with Crossroads Consulting and started writing this blog, I’ve been learning far more about the employment industry and all that surrounds it than I ever thought existed.

For example, while I knew there was stress in the workplace, I may be blonde, but I’m far from dumb, my work with Crossroads Consulting has really opened my eyes to what extent stress is a part or the daily lives of people with all kinds of personalities.

For example, the staff here at Crossroads Consulting all are working on straight commission. For them sometimes thousands of dollars in commission hang on a single phone call or email. Yet all of the people here are in good spirits, work hard and have a great casual attitude that make for a fun environment to work, let alone do business with. Even with big bucks on the line, these Recruiters are joking between themselves and with their clients as well as the candidates calling them for help.

In my own life, I know lots of people who dream of the day when they won’t need to work at all (if they have enough money to live off, of course). Other people I know feel a sense of loss of self-worth if they aren’t working, especially the people I know who have what they call, “Type-A” personalities.

For instance, I have had a few professors who retired for a few years, and decided to work again. They have even said the money wasn’t what was driving them it was the fact that they just wanted to work again. I specifically remember a professor saying to me, “I feel more important when I am working.”

Personally, if I had enough money at or near retirement I’d rather spend my time relaxing. Work would be the last thing on my mind. However, “Type-A’s” feel guilty and useless when they aren’t working or doing something they think is important.

I can’t imagine how “Type-A” people feel after being laid off. Being unemployed for anyone, especially go-getters, like Type-A’s tend to be, would be just as stressful for them as the most stressful job would be for someone less motivated.

Being out of work unwillingly is frustrating and draining enough for anyone.

Fortunately I’ve learned that there’s a n answer for either person. There’s Crossroads Consulting and they are looking for lots of qualified individuals to fill many job openings.

Send your résumé today! It’s the first step in reducing stress in your life.

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