Yesterday we wrote about taking charge of your own job search. Today we will write just a bit on how we can help.

NOBODY should ever rely solely upon a Recruiter(s) to find them a job. Jobs don’t rain out of the sky and fall upon you. They need to be hunted down and captured.

The first weapon in your arsenal is your resume.

At Crossroads Consulting, we have a resume service. We charge far less than our competitors. If you’ve invested that kind of money, and we’ve heard some charge anywhere from $400-$500, you’re being taken for a ride. We charge $100 and to tell the truth there are times where we think that’s even too much. But as the saying goes, time is money.

We’ve seen some of these “resumes”  and laugh at what’s on them. Remember this…a resume is a piece of advertising. It’s meant to be short, sweet and too the point. If it isn’t, it’s just not going to get read by anyone in these insane days that we’re living in.

Your resume needs to be focused in on the job at hand. It needs to speak to the person quickly and succinctly and it needs to be well written.

Crossroads Consulting can help you with that as we said with our resume service if you’re so inclined, but we’d rather see people take on their own  resumes and do the right thing.

What we want to accomplish here is empowering people to help themselves, so with that in mind, let’s talk about your resume questions.

Submit a question to this posting and we’ll answer any of them that you might have.

Also, if there are topics you’d like us to write about, let us know. I know we can appear to be harsh…that’s the problem with reading something versus talking to someone on the phone, , but truly, we want to help people. That’s what this is all about.

So bring on your questions and let’s help you reach your goals…

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