By Amy Schubach

I was at a store last week and kept hearing a rather loud, not-so-great sounding cough coming from an employee. It only became grotesque when she rang me out and had to keep covering her mouth. I was terrified I would catch her awful cough. I started to think, why did she come to work and why isn’t her boss sending her home?

This event got me wondering if a lot of people go to work sick? According to an online survey 67% of employees admit to “at least someone frequently” coming to work when they are feeling ill. Half of employees said their managers encourage them to stay home if they aren’t well, but 11% said their bosses frown on them taking sick days.

Employees who do not receive paid sick days probably come to work sick more often. For the employees that do receive pay on a sick day, they probably come to work sick because they feel like they will fall behind in the work load.

Not only could a sick employee get another employee sick, but he/she could also cause customers to back away. Interestingly, Connecticut could become the first state in the nation with a mandatory sick pay day bill (News 8), which I think makes good sense.

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