jobs-reportBY: Adam Gavriel

Amidst everything the government shutdown put Americans through, September’s job report stayed true to the slow and steady progress that has gripped the nation since the Great Recession began.

The report shows an unemployment rate of 7.2% down from 7.3% in August, and that the U.S. economy added 148,000 jobs in September.

Although hiring was lower than economists expected, it was still enough to lower the unemployment rate to 7.2 percent. According to the Associated Press, the nation averaged a positive gain of 182,000 jobs per month from April through June, and has averaged just 143,000 jobs a month from July through September.

Many economists are weary of the October report, which may be very highly effected by the shutdown. Fortunately, this is only to be a temporary effect on a long-term problem. With this, economists understand that they may not have a clear look at unemployment until the November or December jobs report.

Construction firms gained 20,000 jobs, Government saw a 22,000 increase in payroll, and transportation and warehousing gained 23,400 jobs.

A disappointing report for sure, but one that could have been much worse. The October jobs report will surely bare a very huge burden of the 16 day government shutdown.

We implore our readers, especially our long-term unemployed, to not give up hope. The jobs are out there!

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