BY: Adam Gavriel

The United States unemployment numbers for March have been released, and they are less than stellar. While continuing to trend in a positive direction, hiring slowed to a near crawl in the month of March.

Just 88,000 jobs were added to the United States economy dropping the unemployment rate to 7.6% a far cry from the predicted number of near 200,000 jobs being added.

“This is a punch to the gut,” Austan Goolsbee, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under President Obama, said on CNBC. “This is not a good number.” 

A bigger factor in the rate dropping 0.1% from February to March may have been the number of Americans who left the workforce altogether. According to a report from the Huffington Post, 496,000 workers left the labor-force completely.

On top of this, the percentage of people eligible for work and looking for work fell to 63.3% its lowest figure since 1979.

The report states that the March report has yet to even feel the force of the “sequester” that is coming from the government, which is predicted to have a huge effect on the United States employment situation.

“Sharp cuts in government spending implemented March 1 are only beginning to show their ugly consequences,” Heather Boushey, an economist with the liberal think-tank Center for American Progress, said in an email. “While it’s too early to know what the full impact will be on the unemployment rate, government spending cuts are stealing wind from the sails of the recovery.”

Although trending in a positive direction, the numbers reported this past week speak volumes of the direction this country is headed. While a slow recovery continues to take place, government spending cuts that will come across the board will soon wreak its havoc on the United States jobs report. As spending cuts take effect, more and more organizations will not only cut hiring, but also even begin layoffs.

The optimism of any huge recover is slowly fading away as Americans exit the workforce in fear of the future.

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