BY: Adam Gavriel

As we come to the conclusion of 2011, a year where unemployment remained too high for comfort, it is only natural to take a look ahead to what 2012 may offer us.

Though if you believe the saying that you can only help yourself, you may be looking at 2012 as a new year to exploit your skills and put your mind to good use. Or if you’re like me, the hope that the lottery will finally hit one of your numbers soon and you’ll never have to worry about resumes, unemployment, interviews, or anything of the sort ever again. That is of course until the lottery curse kicks in and you lose all your money because of bad investments.

Around this time of year is when the population generally likes to proclaim a “New Year’s Resolution.” This in a nutshell is something that you will do differently in the New Year to make your life better. For most, it’s a gym membership, judging by all the television advertisements, and the dramatic increase in gym populations in the month of January.

However the New Year’s resolution has taken on a second definition of late and that is it is also something that is forgotten by February.

This winter, why not challenge yourself? It’s going to be cold outside, and who wants to shovel driveways all day? Instead, how about a New Year’s resolution to work on your resume, or take an active role in searching for the job that you’ve been eyeing since last year? 2012 will offer a new slate for all.

Remember that your resume is just a gateway to landing a job, and never the final piece. You want to use your resume to impress the reader and have him want to call you for that interview.

This New Year, make sure your resume is as impressive as it can be. Have a friend or a professional take a look at it to make sure your resume lets the reader perceive you in the most optimal way possible. Though it is not the final piece in the job hunting process, it is an integral part that can leave you in a pile of papers marked ‘trash’ or in the much smaller pile of papers marked ‘call backs.’

At Crossroads Consulting, we want to help you be in the pile marked ‘call backs.’ With resume optimization services and job openingsthat are always being updated we are a full spectrum employment agency. We look forward to helping you from day 1 to make sure your resume is the best it can be, to the final day where you’re walking out of that interview room with a smile on your face. We’re looking for the best candidates to fill these jobs that we have and we want to take a look at your resume too.

We are also looking to fill in-house positions. So if you have experience recruiting talent or want a new challenge to test your exceptional sales skills, we want to hear from you immediately!

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