stock-photo-layoffs-and-recession-newspaper-headlines-documenting-deep-job-cuts-24000538BY: Adam Gavriel

Once again, the numbers are not all as they seem.

A report from the Washington Associated Press has new figures coming in that 20 states had to cut jobs in August. This of course suggesting that the modest improvement in the U.S. economy is just that – modest; and not benefiting the entire nation.

“The Labor Department said Friday that 29 states added jobs, while Montana showed no net gain or loss in August. Unemployment rates rose in 18 states, fell in 17 and were unchanged in 15.”

Jim Diffley, chief US regional economist at IHS Global Insight states “the picture is decidedly mixed,” and “we’re still optimistic about the improvement (in hiring), but it’s been slow.”

It sure has, Jim.

“The tepid hiring gains mean that most states still have fewer jobs than they did when the recession began in December 2007. HIS Global Insight forecasts that only 18 states will have returned to their pre-recession job levels by the end of this year.”

The United States still has 1.9 million fewer jobs than before the recession began, and hiring has averaged just 155,000 a month since April.

Nevada, despite adding 11,200 to the payroll number, has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 9.5 percent. Illinois would come in at second-to-last with 9.2 percent, and North Dakota remains at the top with an unemployment rate of just 3 percent.

It is still baffling to all that the United States economy is as much in shambles as the New York Giants offensive line. And while blowing it up and starting over for the New York Giants might be the correct play, you certainly can’t implode an economy and start from the bottom to move your way to the top.

To help the economy, we need to help each other. We need to work our connections, we need to get diligent in everything we need to do, we need to lend a helping hand. And I say we here referring to us here at Crossroads Consulting, you – reading this blog – and to every American that will listen. It takes a country effort, to rebuild and continue the growth of the nation.

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