interview-tips-2BY: Adam Gavriel

Building off of the brilliant post this week from our president, Mitch Beck, on making sure your cover letter is right, we will continue the theme here on the blog of helping you get that job you’re eyeing.

This blog will focus on some more interview tips because let’s be honest, you can never have enough. Recently, we took a look at some questions that you should be asking interviewers, and today we will look at some general interview tips.

Never forget that the interview starts the second that you walk into the office, or the office building that you’re interviewing in. Or, if you’re participating in a video interview, it starts the moment you sit in front of your computer screen.

Some of these tips may seem basic to you, but I’ve seen them happen in person, and it always blows my mind.

Let’s begin:

  1. Stay off your phone. I’ve seen it countless times. If you’re waiting for the interviewer to come into the room, or be ready to interview, it’s not the time to check Twitter or Facebook. It’s the time to sit patiently, with good posture, and a smile on your face. Appear happy to be where you are, and look eager to get going – appear without distractions.
  2. Come prepared. There are certain questions that will more than likely be asked during every interview. These include: “What are your strengths?” “What are your weaknesses?” “Tell me about a time where you had multiple projects on your plate, and what you did to prioritize and finish your tasks.” More often than not, one or more of these questions will be asked during an interview for any industry. Have your answer prepared.
  3. “Do you have any questions for me?” Yes. Yes you do. Always ask the interviewer questions at the end of the interview. It shows your interest in the position, and the company that you are interviewing for.
  4. Posture. Body Language. Eye Contact. These three things aren’t exact sciences, but sitting up straight, appearing engaged, and keeping eye contact (but not too much!) with the interviewer send off subconscious signals of confidence, and interest. Even when you’re not speaking, your body language could set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
  5. Be prepared for variables. Some interviews like to ask odd questions. There is no way to prepare for one of these moments, so come as prepared as you can. Nobody knows exactly how many windows there are in New York City, but interviewers ask this type of question anyway to gauge your problem solving skills.  By the way, manhole covers are round so they can’t fall in to the hole they are covering. And another by the way, there is always more than one way to answer these questions – as there is no true correct answer. 

These are just five tips of the many that we can offer to you at Crossroads Consulting. It is our mission to get you and America working again. We currently have nearly 50 job openings that we are looking to fill with the right candidate today, as well as a further in-depth interview and resume service.

Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’ and we do that by being with you every step of the way in your job search.

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