By Adam Gavriel

It’s bad enough people think they can get away with lying in their personal life. Lying in your professional life can end your career. So think twice about the things you put on your resume, because even people who seem impenetrable are. The reason, the truth is Kryptonite and will lays waste to the biggest Superman down to the smallest hourly worker. 

Recently, Scott Thompson, the now former CEO of Yahoo was caught and taken down by a simple thing like lying on his resume.


Thompson, who’s had an otherwise stellar professional career, now finds his professional legacy which had been one of lengthy accomplishment down to where the only thing he’ll be remembered for is the disgrace and dishonor that comes with such a high profile firing and especially for lying on his resume. The third Yahoo CEO in the last three years, Thompson held the position since this past January and now Yahoo will once again venture out to find yet another leader to help restore their market share in the internet business.

However news comes that adds insult to injury for Thompson’s departure is the terrible news that he reportedly has thyroid cancer. Though the main reason for Thompson leaving Yahoo was stated as citing a false computer science degree and that is where the focus of this blog will be.

Honesty IS the best policy. It’s instilled in us from a very young age thanks to our parents or guardians; lying is bad and we were told, that something bad might happen to you if you do tell a lie. The worst part about the lying is that they almost surely start to have to compound. When you are dishonest and lie about elements of your resume, it is such a foolish mistake. There are companies out there who make huge sums of money finding out your lies.

If Scott Thompson, a high-level, high profile Chief Executive can get caught, what chance do you think you have? 

We recommend that you adopt the old saying that, “Honesty is the best policy.” Why? Because I t is!

If you’re thinking about lying on your resume to get your next gig, don’t. You need to hear us on this…it will end badly. It’s just too ridiculously easy, and for that matter too cheap, for employers to track down what’s real and what isn’t when they want to find out. Nothing will go unnoticed. Your embellishments, even the slightest detail, find their way to the forefront and you will not only be out of the running for the position, but the ramifications can be bad in terms of your future within an industry.

When you are hired by a lie, and your new employer expects certain skill sets to be there and they you don’t know how to accomplish it, that’ instant dismissal. Your name becomes mud. You make yourself look bad; you make the employer look bad, and if you went through a recruiter such as us here at Crossroads Consulting, you make us look bad too and that certainly won’t help your chances getting other work. While all of this is hypothetical that your lie wasn’t caught outright but it’s not how you start that matters, it’s how you finish.

Another factor that people may not think about when trying to write a little fib and think they can sneak it onto their resume, is the presence of social media. If you have an account on LinkedIn, a VERY useful source for those looking for new work, it would be very easy for potential employers to find you and contact your past employers and separate the truth from fiction before you even knew it.

As recruiters it’s the reason that we request AND check references of past employers. We contact them to verify all that we can. Trust us, you’d be surprised how often we find out people’s untruths.  We live in a world today where the whole world is interconnected and whether we like it or not, and it is very easy to find out surprisingly deep details about one another.

Now of course we’re not trying to “scare you straight” here, but to share with you some strong constructive advice. If you’re thinking now to yourself that maybe there a few exaggerations on your resume and it’s time to get those things edited to reveal the truth,we can help you out with that as well. Crossroads Consulting offers a resume editing service at a great price. 

At Crossroads Consulting we’re here to put the “human” back into “human resources.” Our job openings span the entire nation and we’re always updating what we’ve got. We request that you send us your resume into our hands so we help you can the job that you’re looking for.

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