BY: Adam Gavriel

Unless you live under a rock, or are too busy looking for employment to notice (we hope this is the case) than you haven’t heard about the new trend sweeping the Nation; Linsanity.

Yes the New York Knicks starting point-guard has taken the NBA by storm. In fact, on ESPN’s flagship program Sportcenter, Jeremy Lin and the Knicks were talked about more than the entire NHL during last weeks aired episodes. Lin and the puns that have been thrown into mainstream media were also featured on a skit during this past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Harvard grads story is absolutely a sensational one, and one that can inspire many like Jeremy who thought their dreams had all but died.

Forbes.composted an article about 10 things that we can learn from Jeremy Lin to take into work on Monday morning. But what about those of us who don’t go into work on Monday morning? Or who are still stuck trying to find their own Lindow of opportunity?

Here are five things that the current job seeker can learn from Jeremy Lin:

1. Never give up in your search. This NBA season Lin went from the Golden State Warriors to the Houston Rockets and then eventually to the Knicks. It wasn’t smooth sailing from there however, as Lin found himself in the NBA’s developmental league. Lin remained humble, continued to hone his craft and took advantage when his chance came.

2. When your chance comes to be great, seize it. Despite the unemployment numbers that many believe are too high; the opportunities are still out there. Find one that fits you, that job is out there. Thrive in an environment you’re comfortable in.

3. When a system works well for you, be great. If you’ve found yourself in a great flow and daily routine, keep it going. The job opportunities may not be flowing in for you, but you could be developing skills and volunteering or finding consulting jobs to fill your resume and keep you afloat. If this is a good system for you and you’re comfortable in it, keep at it. Jeremy Lin has been thriving in Mike D’antoni’s pick-and-roll offense with players like Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. When your pick-and-roll system rears it’s head, grab it and be great within it.

4. Know what you do well and do it often. If you’re an accountant, be an accountant. If you have history in sales, continue looking for a sales path. There is no need to rush yourself into a situation that would be bad for you and an employer. Be honest within yourself in evaluating your skills. Watch Lin on the court, he rarely forces the ball into a place where it shouldn’t be going. You are the ball, and the job you know you can be great at is the open man.

5. Hard work can always pay off. Keep grinding. Keep searching for openings, keep managing your connections. You never know who will come into your life and put you in an over-the-top position that you never thought you’d be able to be in. It could take you by storm like Jeremy Lin did with the NBA or it could have been there the whole time, at the end of the bench, and you had just never given it the opportunity.

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