BY: Adam Gavriel

If you have been keeping up with the blog here at OutOfOurMind, you may realize that the name is fitting to the personality.  You especially understand this concept if you’ve taken a jump over to CrossroadsConsulting.com to check out our unique job postings.  On our website you won’t read the kind of coma-inducing  job postings you find virtually everywhere on the web when you’re looking for jobs. Crossroads Consulting differentiates itself from the competition in that our ads are, “Fresher-and-Bolder,” (to borrow the name of Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller‘s travelling comedy show).

Obviously there’s the elements there that you need to know when you read a job description, i.e., the qualifications and such, but there is also a boat load of humor and personality; something desperately missing from the employment market. 

As you might imagine, you step out form the crowd and there’s going to be a lot of feedback – some good, and well, some not so good. Truth is though, we welcome all of it. The purpose of ANY advertising is to illicit a response and while the overwhelming majority of our feedback is strong and positive with comments almost always including the phrases, “Breath of fresh air” and “Did you see my sunglasses anywhere?”  Important things like that.

Our motto truly captures the heart of the direction of this company… “We’re putting the ‘Human’ back into ‘Human Resources.’”  We’re looking to tailor the hiring process to the needs of our employer clients as well as prospective employees alike.

So head over to our website and after viewing things for yourself, let us know what you think… we want to hear from you.

If you happen to be an employer looking to fill a position, we’re anxious to help you find the best possible person you can find to fill that opening.

If you’re out there looking for a job, let’s help you get on that road to employment again. You’ve taken that ever important first step. If you’re not comfortable with the look of your resume, we can help you there too with our resume preparation service that you can sign up for right here. If your interviewing skills need ? We’ve got you covered.

In good faith, if you come on over to our website and the job you’re looking for isn’t there, here are a few other resources to consider:

  1. LinkedIn – A great resource here. They offer jobs in any industry you can think of in cities around the world. Posted to LinkedIn by the companies themselves or a recruiting firm, you can make sure that your application goes into the right hands right away. However, it is not a guarantee that your application will be viewed. Remember this with all large job boards, it’s similar to submitting your resume to a black hole.
  2. Indeed.com – What I like to call the “Google of finding a job.” It’s as simple as Google. Type in a keyword or two, a location, and immediately be met with job listings. Now, Indeed is different because it works exactly like Google in the sense that clicking a job opening won’t take you to a part of Indeed’s website, but most will link to the company’s page itself. Again though, beware of the black hole conundrum when using giant job boards.
  3. Company Webpages – Eliminate the middle man altogether and head on over to the company’s main webpage. Most company’s have websites that are very easy to navigate. If you can’t seem to find the “careers” page, scroll down to the bottom of the website where the directory is usually listed. There you will have an easy time navigating to any link that the website offers. Of course, you can just eliminate this process in Google: “(Company Name careers page).” What’s beneficial about this process too, is that if you can’t find a job fit to your needs most company’s offer a general resume submission option. Do not be afraid to utilize that. 

Remember to consider though that what these sources do not offer is the personable experience you will find at Crossroads Consulting. Your e-mail will go directly to one of our recruiters who will view your resume from top to bottom. On top of this, not only will we consider you for the job posting you’ve directly applied to, but to all open positions that we have that we believe you are a fit for.

America, we need to get working again, and the best way to get out of this kind of jam is to help out a neighbor, a friend, a connection. Work your connections, and use all the resources that are available to you.

Why not start today by checking out the listings at Crossroads Consulting, and getting in touch with us?

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