By: Adam Gavriel

According to a telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 72% of Americans believe that when it comes time to move on from their current employment it will be on their terms. The remaining 28% is split 14-14 between those who believe it will be their employer’s choice and those who are undecided.

More numbers show that 25% of workers are currently looking for employment opportunities outside of their current situation – down from 30% in the previous month. Finally, 47% of people believe that maintaining their current job offers the best opportunities for their future. This begs the question of how companies are currently bringing in employees to fill vacant jobs. There’s no doubt that it is both cheaper and more time efficient to promote an employee from within rather than spending outside resources to find a new employee.

A studyconducted by Global management consultancy A.T. Kearney and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, of S&P 500 non-financial firms revealed that the cost of bringing in an outside hire to a chief executive position was 65% higher than promoting from within. With the numbers so telling, it’s difficult to believe that companies only instill 47% of their workers with the knowledge that advancement within the company is possible. It also explains the fact that 25% of employees are currently looking for work outside their own organization. As a new hire it’s likely to receive higher pay – why would you leave your current company to make less money – and possibly a more successful career path.

Coming away from MGI 301 – a class here at the University at Buffalo focusing on human resources – it was hard not to see that many current employees who have been at the same job for years don’t know how to prepare a resume or what to expect in the hiring process. Without the pressures of having to go through the motions of the hiring process many people lose touch with what is really important. Fact is the 47% of people that believe their current firm is best for their career advancement may be behind the curve of what their company is looking for. It’s easy to forget about the hardships of job hunting when your belief in job security is so high. With 72% of people believing that leaving their current job will be their decision, they may not be as prepared as those who always believe their job is on the line. The 14% of surveyed workers who believe that their future will be decided by their employer are probably making sure their resume is always up to date and ready to send out to prospective employers.

When a new job is available within your organization it’s likely that the company will consider both hiring from the outside and promoting from within. To make sure that you have the best chances at getting yourself an interview it’s necessary to have a great cover letter and resume. Crossroads Consulting not only offers resume optimization and if you’ve been keeping up with the blog here at you know how important a cover letter is, but Crossroads Consulting also offers interview preparation.

If you’re looking for a job outside of your organization, Crossroads Consulting is for you. If you need help getting back up to par with your resume and interview skills for that job advancement you’re lined up for, Crossroads Consulting is for you. Deal with the experts when it comes to optimizing your chances at getting the advance you deserve.


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