By: Amy Schlubach

On Wednesday the 6th, I attended a career fair at Western Connecticut State University. I walked in to a hectic, crowded atmosphere and joined other students and alumni who were anxiously waiting in lines to introduce themselves to representatives of companies.

I talked to a few different representatives about employment opportunities, but strangely, many recruiters weren’t even accepting résumés. They asked interested candidates to apply online. At least if the recruiters were accepting résumés they could have “starred” the ones that belonged to the people they were interested in talking to. Most likely, they will not remember individuals from the fair that apply online.

While Crossroads Consulting wasn’t at this particular event, there is one thing that you can count on and that is being treated like a person. The company motto is, “We’re putting the ‘Human’ back into ‘Human Resources.’” The first rule at maintaining that philosophy at Crossroads Consulting is treating each person like they matter. While Crossroads Consulting does take applications on line, if you call you will be treated with the same respect that they want for themselves AND you’re libel to have a laugh or two along the way.

I thought the job fair was not very useful. I guess job fairs could be helpful for networking, but mostly I picked up some brochures and learned information about companies that I probably could have just found online.

To skip the job fair hassle and find a sampling of what employment opportunities exist, check out the Job Openings section at the Crossroads Consulting website.

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