BY: Adam Gavriel

According to a telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports 31% of American Adults believe that unemployment will be higher a year from today. This report comes at a 5 point increase from March. However, the same study showed that 29% of American adults believe the unemployment rate will go down, while 32% believe it will stay about the same.

Even with the increasing uncertainty in the unemployment rate, 21% of Americans believe that the job market is better now than it was a year ago. The statistics stay consistent when the report continues to say that 39% believe the job market is worse.

Also interesting is that workers under 30 (Generation Y and X) are more doubtful about the future of the job market than the older workers.

Now after the survey recorded in June, 3 out of 4 employees believe that when they leave their job it will be on their terms. This number is up from the 72% that was reported in May, as you can read in a post on out of our mind here. This number remains reasonable as the 19% of the same adults surveyed reported that their firms were currently hiring, while 23% reported that their firms are currently laying people off.

In today’s uncertain economy it all comes down to how prepared you are as an employee. The roughly 75% of workers who believe that when they leave their job it will be on their terms could be in for a hard surprise when it’s not. These same 75% of employees may not have a current resume finished and ready to send to employers while the 25% of those that are wary will more likely than not be prepared to get started on the hunt. It all comes down to preparation.

Stressed in every blog here on out of our minds is having that great resume and cover letter, being prepared for an interview. Knowing everything you can learn about a firm you are applying to can make or break your status as an applicant.

This is where Crossroads Consulting comes into play. Not only do we have the job listings for you, but we’ll walk you through every step of the way if you need us to with resume optimization and interview preparation services. At Crossroads Consulting we take pride in every resume we handle to make sure we are showing you off to the employer in the most efficient way.

Stop being so down on the economy and start doing something about it. Reading in that Rasmussen report that some potential employees looking for work have given up their search was extremely disheartening. It’s time to exhaust every opportunity you can. Have your resume optimized with us and begin sending it out to employers. Get your name out there and start making an impact on the job market today.

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