Here at Crossroads Consulting, we’re always here to offer as much help to you in getting ready for an interview as possible. Whether it’s Resume Preparation, or  custom individualized Interview Preparation, we offer it all.

But we also offer a lot of non-paid help to those coming to us.

Here, Amy Schlubach offers some tips on preparing for your next big job interview.

Prepare for the Typical Interview Questions

By: Amy Schlubach

Remember to do your research and to look appropriate, but also do not forget to prepare for the simple questions such as, “Tell me about yourself,” or “Where do you see yourself in __ years?”

Here is a list of some basic potential interview questions:

Basic Interview Questions:

· Tell me about yourself.

· What are your strengths?

· What are your weaknesses?

· Why do you want this job?

· Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

· What’s your ideal company?

· What attracted you to this company?

· Why should we hire you?

· What did you like least about your last job?

· When were you most satisfied in your job?

· What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

· What were the responsibilities of your last position?

· Why are you leaving your present job?

· What do you know about this industry?

· What do you know about our company?

· Are you willing to relocate?

· Do you have any questions for me?

Connect Personally

Do engage in some chit-chat before the interview. It may make you feel more comfortable, and most importantly, the interviewer will connect with you on a higher level. You can comment on a picture the interviewer has in his/her office. Maybe you will discover the interviewer has a child the same age as your child. Children are always something great to talk about. Other topics to talk about can be colleges attended, “the game” last night, the weather, or awards hanging on the wall. These little conversations will be terrific ice-breakers and will allow for a deeper connection.

Show Confidence

Don’t look tense by nervously tapping your foot, or playing with your hair or nails. Sit still and make strong eye contact! Listen carefully to each question and answer intelligently and appropriately. Even if you are nervous, don’t show it! Nervousness comes off as a negative trait.


Ask what the next step will be. It is hard to get someone on the phone, so make sure to establish how you will hear from the interviewer. If he/she does not say how they will follow-up with you, ask, “When will I expect to hear from someone,” or “What’s the best method for me to follow-up with someone?”

To put these tips to use, check out Crossroads Consulting. We will help find your dream job.

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