By: Adam Gavriel

Remember that old proverb, don’t judge a book by its cover? Hate to say that the complete opposite will be in effect when you finally apply for that job you’ve been eyeing on Crossroads Consulting. The first thing an employer will see when you send in your credentials will be the cover letter. A bad cover letter could completely discourage an employer from even looking at your resume. The goal of a cover letter is to quickly show your skills, and get an employer to flip the page to look at your resume.

Here are a few quick tips in highlighting your skills as best as possible in a cover letter.

1. Show evidence of where you demonstrated the skills an employer may be looking for. For example, the job listing on Crossroads Consulting for a Forensic Accountanthas the following within the job description: “You should be someone who can think on their feet” In your cover letter you may want to describe a time where you quickly solved a problem at work that may have increased efficiency in the workplace.

2. It’s very important to appear diverse in the cover letter. Highlighting your best skills or the best skills for the job is important. It’s also important to show that you are a diverse candidate. However it is important to make sure the diverse skills you are showcasing are relevant to the potential job. This is why it’s key that you carefully read the job description.

3. Get to the point. You have less than a page to show who you are, make it count. Short concise and meaningful sentences are necessary.

4. Make sure when you open that you clearly state the position you are applying for. Show interest in the job and try to showcase excitement through your writing.

5. Grammar, something we all need to work on.

6. Spelling mistakes. It never hurts to have a friend look over a cover letter to find potential errors you may miss. Another great thing to do while proof-reading is to read it out loud.

7. Finally, make sure you close the cover letter re-stating your interest.

If you can get an employer interested enough to flip the page from cover letter to resume you’re one step closer to a job.

The hiring process is long and tedious but every step has its purpose.

The importance of being prepared is monumental. Be enthusiastic, do the research on the firm you’re applying to, go out there and get that job.