Degree-vs.-TalentBY: Bryan Herlihy 

MONROE, CT – It’s no secret that achieving a college degree increases your earning potential when you’re looking for a job. But, is the theory correct that the more prestigious degree you add to your resume, the better the chance you have of earning an even higher salary.

There are always those on the other side of the argument who think that degree is not so meaningful and they will incite billionaire entrepreneurs like, Apple Founder, Steve Jobs of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. None of those men obtained a college degree; but they are among the most successful businesspeople in the world.

There are lots of reasons that people don’t finish college. Some were just not cut out for college, some couldn’t afford college or, as is most commonly the case, someone needed to go to work and couldn’t afford to be in school.  While people can struggle without getting a degree, it does NOT mean that a person’s career is over. Crossroads Consulting, LLC offers a ton of opportunities for those with degrees and those without.

For those without a degree, their professional career is FAR from over.  There are ways around not having a college degree and still becoming successful.  With dedication and hard work, achieving their career goals are attainable.

A candidate currently working with Crossroads Consulting is a Marketing Manager and leads the communications department as well.  This individual is an excellent example of someone who’s beaten the statistics. This person went to a local college for one year before dropping out. According to an article published by the United States Department of Labor, (see chart below) had this individual fallen into the statistic for those with the same level of experience, the candidate would be earning $38,376 a year ($738 a week). However, through the hard work and dedication and the sacrifices this person has made, they’ve managed to climb the corporate ladder and is earning more than someone would had they obtained a doctorate degree.


So if you’re in a job search and you don’t have a four-year degree, it doesn’t mean you are permanently detained and restrained from having a successful career.

What you need is an advocate. Someone who can blow your horn and help the right company take notice. You need the professionals at Crossroads Consulting. Check out their job listings  HERE and they’ll be more than happy to help you get yourself on the path to prosperity.

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