Hi. My name is Amy Schlubach. If you’ve looked at this site a couple of times, I’ve posted here about some things that I’ve learned. But I thought we should communicate more on a one-to-one basis, so I decided to tell you a little more about myself.

I’ve worked hard and I’m proud to be in my final year at Western Connecticut State University working on a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

It didn’t hit that I was approaching “the real world” until the end of my junior year in college.

The thought of getting my diploma and having to start repaying on my student loans and put some money away was not going to be easy out in the real world in my chosen field of marketing without any practical or hands-on experience meant that it was highly unlikely I was going to get hired by anyone.

My thoughts led me to making the decision to get some “real world” experience it would probably have to come as an intern with a company.

Timing is everything!

I saw an ad for an internship with Crossroads Consulting, a full-time and permanent placement executive search firm and employment agency and decided to take a shot and apply. There was just something different about it. It was nothing like anything I ever experienced before. The owner, Mitch Beck used to be a standup comedian and radio personality for over 20 years so he made me comfortable right from the start and offered to help me in whatever way he could…and not in some creepy older guy way either. J

Not only am I learning a ton of stuff, but I’m doing it in an environment that’s really relaxed, but at the same time, it’s a very professional atmosphere. Mitch also has me doing a whole lot more than just bringing him coffee or filing papers. I’m involved in his business and I love it and at the same time I’m getting great experience.

Lately, I have been trying to figure out exactly what type of marketing interests me the most. We’re working on a lot of SEO and SEM projects to try and draw more hits to the company website at I have found the work I’m learning about and doing on the internet to be especially interesting. Just these past few weeks, I have learned an extensive amount of information about advertising, social networking, and web design.

I have to be honest, before this whole thing started, I didn’t know squat about what goes on at an employment agency. I knew what they did, don’t get me wrong, but after quite a bit of research, and having spent time there, I’ve seen they are actually quite popular and helpful.

The big question is what is the difference between one employment agency and another?

The first and most notable difference for me was the tone of the ads they place. Most of them are really stiff and uptight. Not at Crossroads Consulting. Mitch’s ads are really funny and entertaining.

I have also seen unreasonable pricing; especially with résumé services. Something that makes Crossroads different from the rest is their amazing résumé writing/editing service: a complete review and edit is just $100. So far, that is one of the best deals I’ve seen!

Ever since I’ve been doing this internet research, I have been really thinking about creating my own website. Sure, I’ve had a few stupid ideas in the past, who hasn’t, but now I have been considering it more and more. The problem is, I don’t know too much about it. So, I’ve been talking to people and reading up on it. It seems like nowadays you don’t need to know too much about all the confusing “computer language,” aka HTML and JavaScript. Luckily, plenty of websites, after paying a small fee of course, make it easy for you to design your webpage however you like. There are even a couple of free ones out there. So now even the average person can make their own website. But you know what, it still seems complicated. I’ll keep you up to date here about what that’s all about too.

Since most people are clueless about creating a website for themselves or business, they usually hire someone to create it. I wish I knew more about designing websites, because a stupid idea can end up being profitable, or designing websites for others seems like a fun and rewarding side job.

Maybe you are a website designer and are interested in finding work. Or maybe you’re one of any of the thousands of different things that it seems like that Crossroads Consulting works on.

If you’re looking for a position, take a look at Crossroads Consulting for job openings.

Catch up with you soon.


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  1. You’re the man MITCH!!!!! Amy, you’re lucky to work with Mitch….You will learn sooo much! There is nobody better than Mitch!