By: Adam Gavriel

Remember when you were a kid and your whole life was ahead of you? Going into school every day with only the weight of the backpack around you on your shoulders, not caring about what job you were going to try to find when you finished up your schooling, not caring about bills to pay.

Luckily, for me the fine people at Crossroads Consulting were nice enough to offer me this opportunity to take a summer to step into the job-hunting world and hopefully to learn a few things along the way.

And that’s exactly what it is, a hunt. When you’re out hunting you’re not just shooting everything and taking it all home, you’re waiting. Waiting for the one that blows you away, the one you know is the winner, the one you know you want.

Think of Crossroads Consultingas your firing range, there to guide you on your mission, where the hunt begins.

It’s a good day in life when you realize that to seize an opportunity you have to grab it and not let it go, do everything you can to keep it. Crossroads Consultingcan offer you the opportunity to take that moment grab hold and never let it go.

I’m around it every day here at the University at Buffalo School of Management on a somewhat smaller level. My friends and peers all stressing about finding the perfect internship, finding what’s going to be the right foundation for them to get their feet wet in the outside world. And trust me I know more than a few people who could use some of the products that Better Life Group has to offer (to be candid I know a handful of teachers who could use it too). The UB School of Management even offers a 2 credit semester class (MGG 300) in preparing students for “life.” Helping to get their resumes and cover letters in order, telling us about job fairsand even bringing in professionals from the outside world to tell us how important these things are. When sadly it’s simple enough at the beginning of the semester when the professor comes into the room and asks the students, who wants an internship? Everyone’s hand goes up, until the professor drops the bomb by asking, who has an internship lined up? You’ve never seen hands drop faster in your life.

It’s a problem we all have, a problem most people will face. What it comes down to is the drive to get you there. With resume optimization options, job listings, and interview preparation, come on over to Crossroads Consulting and begin your hunt.

(editor’s note: We’re VERY proud that Adam has joined our team. He and Amy will continue all summer long to contribute their thoughts and what they’re learning all summer long…and we could NOT be happier or more fortunate to have two more talented young people to be a part of this company.)

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