By Amy Schlubach

It seems we can’t escape from Facebook these days. Just the other night my cousin and I were late-night snacking on a bag of chips and noticed the back said, “Be our fan on Facebook.” We laughed that even junk food companies want people on their Facebook page. It was also no surprise that last night leaving the gym I saw another slogan asking for fans on Facebook. I feel bombarded with Facebook everywhere I go, yet it’s normal nowadays.

Not only is practically every person on Facebook, but so are schools, small businesses, large corporate businesses, even non-profit organizations. After administrating the Crossroads Consulting Facebook page, I see why everyone is doing it. It is not only free and easy to create a company page, but companies can directly read what fans think of them, and can easily communicate back. It is perfect for establishing customer relationships. Facebook also allows businesses to interact with fans by creating polls, special promotions and contests, etc.

Also, businesses can easily purchase ads to target the certain demographic they desire. These ads then show up on the sides of peoples’ Facebook page. If a company is looking to post an ad without spending too much money, they can pay based on how many times their ad gets clicked.

Since all the people are on Facebook, it makes sense that companies are creating pages and going after them. It is an inexpensive way for business and consumer interaction. So I guess for now, I’ll have to get used to seeing, “Be our Fan on Facebook” in more strange areas.

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