BY: Adam Gavriel

Crossroads Consulting is always trying to keep you up to date on what is going on in the world of employment. Here we literally are looking at how citizens around the world think of the job market.

It’s a fair question…as dismal as the jobs report has recently been in the United States, this recession has grown to affect the entire world. A post released on Monday the 26th of November from reports that the job outlook across the European Union has been steadily decreasing this year. While the American unemployment rate continues to hover around the 8% mark, over in Europe, the EU has seen a steady deterioration.

Gallup asked the question: “Thinking about the job situation in the city or area where you live today, would you say that it is now a good time or a bad time to find a job?”

The results were astounding.

Germany came back with the best ratio with 46% of respondents believing it was in fact a good time to find a job. Of the other countries surveyed, 32% in Sweden believe it’s a good time, in Finland that number is 24%, Poland found 18% subscribing to the positive outlook, while France was at just 16%, the UK at a dismal 9%.

Greece is, unexpectedly, in a class by itself. The chickens have certainly come home to roost ion the overly entitled and now bankrupt society that Greece is. Just 1%, that’s right, just 1% of their residents got the warm and fuzzies about their nation being a good environment for job hunting.

The unemployment rate in Greece was 25.1% in August and reports say that it has increased slightly in September from its already record high number. In most countries in the EU, the unemployment rates have not improved since 2011.

In terms of how outlook has changed among job seekers, Finland takes the “title.” It was reported in 2011 that 36% of Fins believed it was a good time to be looking for a job; whereas as mentioned above, that number has dropped 12 percentage points down to 24%.

Despite Germany’s staggering 46% believing times still looked rosy ahead, but that number is also down 2% from the 2011 survey. Job outlook has only increased in seven countries of the EU, those being Latvia (+8), Malta (+6), Lithuania (+6), Estonia (+5), Poland (+4), Bulgaria (+2), and Romania (+2). There was no change in four countries, and the rest of the surveyed, sixteen countries, reported a more bleak outlook on the jobs situation.

Gallup also took a look at those who currently hold full-time positions for an employer and compared it to the 2011 numbers. Fortunately, these numbers have remained relatively stable, but they are still quite discouraging. Sweden is now the only country who reported full-time employment of over 50% There were significant increases in full-time employment in France (+12%) and Luxembourg (+13%) from 2011 to 2012. However there were also so disappointing drops in Slovakia (-7%), and Denmark, Cyprus, Austria, and Spain who all experienced drops of 4%

There is no denying that we have reached a discouraging time across the globe in the economy. The recession that has hit the United States has certainly been felt across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Some may even believe that it’s better to focus on American’s problems before reaching our hand overseas to help, however as we’ve noted it’s going to take a full team effort to get the global economy working again. Think about it this way, the more people working in the EU, allows more imports into that country. And of course, the more they’re importing, the more they’re going to need the countries that they import from to continue to manufacture. It’s going to take a worldwide effort.

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