BY: Adam Gavriel

A few weeks ago Mike Myatt, a contributor at Forbes.com, wrote an article on 10 tips for the Graduating Class of 2012. As one of the many graduates from that 2012 class who now founds himself entering what people like to call the “real-world” (which looks oddly like my parent’s house) I took to reading Mr. Myatt’s article.

Of his 10 tips I’m going to talk about one I love, one I hate, and one that was fairly obvious.

The fairly obvious: A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way

On this tip, Mike discusses that those who overcome challeneges will always finish ahead of those to succumb to the challenges. That as humans we will always endure some kind of tragedy in life, as he says “life is messy and people get hurt.” There is no bigger tragedy facing the graduating college class of 2012 being that those who are entering the job-market are doing so in a down economy. Where most entry-level jobs require that you have 2-3 years of experience, clearly negating the “entry-level” mark they have been given. This tip falls hand in hand with Mike’s second tip of the article, being Keep the Faith and not fearing life. Obstacles will happen, but you have to overcome them.

This is not just a reminder to the 2012 class, but to anyone facing adversity in the job market today. With unemployment in April still standing at over 8% (8.1%) the United States is slowly beginning to recover, but still at a point where the unemployment obstacle is omnipresent.

One I love: Life is All About the People

Mike, I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, especially when you write “Relationships are the biggest asset you have.” This is true both inside AND outside the work place. The three keys to finding a gateway to a job may very well be: networking, networking, and you guessed it, networking. Manage your LinkedIn account, not to mention there are job postings there. Manage your real-world relationships, you never know when a neighbor or family friend will you ask you to send your resume their way because they have a network of people that they can send it to, increasing your exposure exponentially.

Unfortunately sometimes it’s more about who you know, and not what you know.

This also rings true with relationships outside of the work environment. If you ever fall on hard times it’s always good to know that there are others in the same boat as you. Just look at those new John Hancock commercials with the husband and wife conversation that’s happening in every household identically. As annoying as it may be to see that commercial 10 times a day, it still rings true.

Make connections and use them.

One I Hate: Any Job is a Good Job

I believe I really took a disliking to this one just because I still want to see myself as the young kid with visions of living his dream both inside and outside of the workplace. Never do I want to settle for a job just because I have an offer. However I’ve proven naïve in many aspects of life recently, and I just may happen to grow and see that this was a naïve viewpoint as well. I’m still young enough to do what I want to do, rather than what I have to do…or so I hope. And while this may only ring true to me as a younger person, don’t forget the old saying “it’s never too late.”

If you find yourself unemployed at the moment, remember (and I’m sure you know) it’s not a vacation. Use this time wisely, and perhaps live by the “it’s never too late” motto. Pick up a hobby that you left behind. If you really enjoyed art in school, but had to leave it behind to start your career, why not try out some picture editing software like Photoshop? That is absolutely a unique skill that you can use on your resume to set yourself apart from the crowd, while also building towards something that you like doing.

For the curious, the rest of the 10 tips…

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