Employees Optimistic About Future Employment

BY: Adam Gavriel

According to an article published over at Rasmussen Reports, 40% of American workers believe that their next job will be better than their current job. Sticking with the theme of proverb’s here on www.outofourmind.netI would just like to say that “the grass is always greener on the other side.” This number of 40% is up 6 points since May and is at its highest level since April 2009.

Conversely, 18% say that their next job will be worse or the same, 18% say they will be retiring after their current position and 23% remain undecided.

Over the past year the range of confidence among workers that their next job would be better than the current one saw fluctuations from 27% to 34% which makes this extraordinary number of 40% a severe outlier in terms of recent data.

Also interesting to note is that 28% of those surveyed are currently looking for work.

Confidence levels in terms of whether or not it will be an employee’s decision to leave their current job remain stagnant from last month at 72% while 18% believe it will be their employer’s choice.

Finally of the 596 workers surveyed 39% plan on staying with their current employer for five years or more.

In an interesting turn of events about the same number of people plan on staying at their current position as those who believe their next job will be better than their current one. The sense of job security among those surveyed also remained constant in terms of whose decision it will be to terminate their current employment.

The most interesting of the numbers seems to be the glorified rise from 34% to 40% among workers who believe that their next job will be better than their current job. This goes back to a blog here on out of our mind reporting that new employees who are outside hires are hired at a higher salary than those who are promoted from within, which proves why employees may believe that their next job will be better than their current position, especially if they leave the company they’re currently working for.

Also interesting is the report that 14% of current employees have only been at their job for a year or less. This goes to show an increase in consulting jobs as many people have a hard time trying to find full employment and job from consulting job to consulting job.

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